August Create: Train of Thought

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Most of us will know the phrase, 'My train of thought has just left the station without me' and know what it means. Many of us will have gone on random YouTube trawls, clicked a link on FB and ended off in a mire of knowledge (or more than likely, an endless mass of kitteh videos), but where are the most interesting places that your train of thought has taken you?

  • Did you ever go to the store and forget what to buy?
  • Or more importantly forget how you got to the store and leave without your girlfriend's bike? 1
  • Come home with a rake, and you have no lawn?
  • Do you talk to aluminium siding salespersons about philosophy?
  • Do your rabbits chase rabbits?
  • Have you ever taken a wrong turn and got lost in the new place you've discovered
  • Has your train of thought given you inspiration for a new idea?
  • We'd love to hear your stories, see your photos, and laugh or cry at your experiences. Let us know all about them.

    1Yes, I'm looking at one my children there, but I will spare him his blushes

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