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Douglas Adams' vision for the future of h2g2 seemed to be based around researchers writing far more about places than seems to be the current trend. Take Ford Prefect, for example - the original h2g2 field researcher. He didn't sit around at home writing about or attempting to define things everyone already knew about: he got out there and got on with telling the Universe what the rest of the Universe was like. And that is the raison d'etre behind the creation of the Royal1 h2g2 Geographical Entry Society.

We'd like to see a few more entries about 'The Universe' submitted to Peer Review and getting into the Edited Guide. There have been plenty of lovely entries on 'Life' and 'Everything', and very good they've been too. But we'd like to see lots of new Edited Guide entries about towns or cities or countries or places to go - Geographical Entries - which have been a little thin on the ground of late.

On Portobello RoadEveryone on h2g2 has some specialised knowledge about somewhere in the world. You might have been there on holiday, or live there already - the chances are that there aren't many researchers residing in the same spot as you. And even if you live somewhere where there are lots of 'em - London, for example - you probably know things about the specific area where you live, or the places that you go, that the rest of us don't. What the Royal Geographical Entry Society hopes is that you will place that knowledge on h2g2 and share it with the rest of the world... and encourage others to do the same.

At Paddington stationHow do you do that? Simple. If you've got this far, you probably know already. Just create an entry from your personal space, write it, polish it up, and submit it to Peer Review. And if you go somewhere new, take a few notes while you're there and write it up when you get back.

Hopefully, the Royal Geographical Entry Society can help you. Between us, we've written and helped with a fair few Geographical entries in our time - places where some researchers have specialist knowledge are pinned up in the Members' Bar. If you've not written a Geographical Entry before, or would just like a few pointers, the Map Room is a great place to start. Our Links Page has some good examples of the different kinds of geographical entries in the Edited Guide, and something of a directory as well. If you've written an entry but are a bit nervous about submitting it to Peer Review, we can help there as well - just start a conversation in the Members' Bar and hopefully someone will be along soon...

OK, You've Convinced Me. Now What?

  • First off, sign up to join the Society by posting to the 'OK, you've convinced me - I'd like to join the Society' conversation at the bottom of the page.
  • Then head off to the the Map Room and the Members' Bar to find out what's going on at the moment - clicking on the part at the bottom of the pages that says 'Click here to be notified of new Conversations about this Guide Entry' - this will probably be of particular benefit, as it's how you'll keep up to date with anything posted there by the rest of the Membership.
  • Then wash your hands. Always a good idea.

The planet earth on sale in a shop window

And remember, the world is the crustacean of your choice...

Here's the membership list so far...

Select a Royal Geographical Entry Society MemberNumber SixbroelanEmEbertGreyDeskJodanJimi XKerrAvonOrmondroydAzarasproutDanny BGnomonGoshoWhoami?Master BMickey Thomas' Right FootHypatiaMinaDemon DrawerFrenchbeanFelonius MonkFlorida Sailorrev. paperboyCyzakiJudge MentalAlisonWildmanThe Jon MGordon the ScoutYaelpointbeingMr. CarrotDinnerladyAgent XdizzygillespiefromcrystallakewatermusicMikey the Humming MousesatellithiasAlexAshmanLord High Mucky-MucknotromanhagaBluebottleRedstar2112OobastiahInkwashvipJulesKDon QuixoticTheDepressedYaksummerbayexilehappygator957susanneENOHAUncle_BobjeeniusWanderingAlbatrossMetal ChickenGuitarNinjaScandrea & TracermidnightkatlingGlobal Village IdiotTheAlexandrianMark RogersVice-Mistress KatDusankaKMNskankyrichThe_Admiral (aka avatar)King_BombaLeoAlphaHellTheWanderingRanjaJoe C.Big AlBob StaffordUncle Travelling MattWilma NeanderthalÐeakiefluffykerfuffleStranjeoneStephenMarkPerrySlartibartfast347B'ElanaIcy Northvogonpoetloftskywalker

The Royal h2g2 Geographical Entry Society - By Land, By Sea, By Air

By Land, By Sea, By Air
1That's 'royal' in the sense of 'of superior size, magnitude, or quality', of course - we don't have a Royal charter from any King or Queen and we're probably too disreputable to accept one if it were offered...

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