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Welcome to the Members' Bar. This is the Royal h2g2 Geographical Entry Society's place for the membership to hang out, talk about anything vaguely germane, and also look at the various useful things posted up, including the geographical areas about which our members have some specialist knowledge.

The Royal1 h2g2 Geographical Entry Society - By Land, By Sea, By Air

By Land, By Sea, By Air

So, have a look around, pull up a large, comfortable leather armchair, enjoy the warmth from the blazing log fire and make yourself at home. If you'd like to tell us which places you've got specialist knowledge about, or what geographical entries you're working on at the moment, or to ask for help, or just have a bit of chat - that's what the threads at the bottom of the page are for. Or you could always pick up the playing cards and have a game of non-Bus Stop Pontoon.

Bus Pontoon

Members' Specialisms


  • The UK
    • Big Al - Salisbury, Wiltshire, Pembrokeshire and Dorset
    • Bluebottle - the Isle of Wight, and castles everywhere
    • Cyzaki - Hull and Shropshire
    • Danny B - Cambridge, Oxford(shire), North-East England (sort of),
      South-to-South-west London (again, sort of) and bits of Yorkshire (at a push)
    • Ðeakie - Scotland
    • Demon Drawer - Northern Ireland and central Scotland
    • Felonious Monk - Wales (especially the South) and the East Midlands (Nottingham and, to a lesser extent, Derby)
    • Frenchbean - Orkney, Perthshire and Stirlingshire
    • Icy North - Hampshire and surrounding areas
    • KerrAvon - Derbyshire and the East Midlands
    • jeenius - London
    • Judge Mental - West Midlands plus Aberystwyth, Borth and Tenby
    • JulesK - South Yorkshire, Durham, Northamptonshire and Cambridge
    • loftskywalker - Kent, the Thames Estuary and the Medway Valley
    • Mickey Thomas' Right Foot - Wales, particularly Anglesey
    • Mina - London
    • Number Six - North London, Staffordshire and the Midlands, Devon and Cornwall, and now Leeds
    • redstar2112 - London
    • TheDepressedYak - North West England, bits and pieces of Yorkshire, and Cornwall
    • The Jon M - South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, England, plus a vaguely silly amount on Essex, bits of London and the North West
    • Uncle Travelling Matt - Nottinghamshire/East Midlands
    • vogonpoet - Cheshire, Edinburgh
    • Watermusic - London and SE England
  • Belgium
    • jeenius - Brussels
    • sprout - Brussels and general Belgium
  • Czech Republic
    • Gnomon - Prague
    • jeenius - Prague
    • Number Six - Prague
  • Denmark
    • satelliteithias
  • France
    • Gnomon - particularly the mountainous regions
    • Judge Mental - Val Thorens (skiing)
    • Number Six - Brittany and Normandy, Off-autoroute road travel, and inland waterways
    • redstar2112 - the South
    • TheDepressedYak - Rouen
  • Germany
    • B'Elana - Northern Germany (specifically Schleswig-Holstein), Hesse and Frankfurt
    • jeenius - Berlin and Munich
    • JulesK - South-West Germany (specifically Tuebingen area)
    • satellithias - Berlin and Hamburg
    • vogonpoet - Kaiserslauten and Rhineland Pfalz
  • Greece
    • Ðeakie - general
    • Gnomon - Athens, Crete, Corfu, Santorini
    • Judge Mental - Corfu
  • Iceland
    • Gnomon
  • Ireland
    • Gnomon
  • Italy
    • Gnomon - Venice and the Veneto
    • jeenius - Venice
    • Number Six - Venice and the Veneto, Tuscany, and Alghero, Sardinia
    • redstar2112 - Tuscany
  • Norway
    • Gnomon
    • Mr. Carrot - particularly South-East Norway around Oslo and Drammen
  • Portugal
    • Ðeakie - general
    • Watermusic - especially the Western Algarve
  • Russia
    • JulesK - Yaroslavl
    • TheDepressedYak
  • Serbia
    • vogonpoet - Novi Sad
  • Spain
    • Judge Mental - Barcelona and Javea
    • Number Six - Madrid, Bilbao and a little bit about Granada

North America

  • Canada
    • Lord High Mucky-Muck - Alberta, British Columbia and Canada generally...
    • jeenius - Toronto
    • rev. paperboy
  • Mexico
    • Hypatia - Border towns between Piedras Negras and Matamoros; Northern Mexico, Monterrey; archaeological zones - Yucatan Peninsula, central Mexico
    • Number Six - Mexico City, Oaxaca and Oaxaca State

  • The USA
    • Agent X - Ohio (especially SE Ohio) and NW Florida
    • broelan - Missouri,and also parts of Illinois and Arkansas, and the Mississippi River
    • Don Quixotic - Southeastern Nebraska, Fort Collins, Colorado
      San Diego, California (Ocean Beach), and New York City (Lower Manhattan)
    • Florida Sailor - Florida
    • Hypatia - Missouri (especially Southwest and Central Missouri), Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas (especially San Antonio/Corpus Christi/Laredo area) and Arkansas
    • jeenius - New York (Manhattan and Long Island), Washington D.C. metro area, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Arizona and the Grand Canyon, Florida and (ahem!) Disney World
    • JulesK - New York City
    • Jimi X - Pennsylvania
    • Jodan - Ohio and Kentucky
    • Mikey the Humming Mouse - the Puget Sound area of Washington, DuPage and Kane county of Illinois, Austin area of Texas
    • redstar2112 - Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Las Vegas, and Colorado
    • Scandrea & Tracer - Northeastern Ohio (including rivers, lakes, and canals), Lake Erie, East-central Ohio (including rivers and lakes), West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania (including major rivers), Rhode Island (some, but not all of it), Washington, D.C. and surrounding area of Maryland and Virginia, Black Hills in South Dakota (especially geology), Powell, Wyoming, Cody, Wyoming, Bear Lodge, Wyoming,
      Yellowstone - wildlife and geology, Death Valley, California - mostly geology and campsites, Seminoe Resevoir and Miracle Mile sections of Platte River - especially geology!
    • stranjeone - Orlando, Florida

South America


The Middle East


  • China
    • jeenius - Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou
  • Hong Kong
    • jeenius
    • satelliteithias
    • summerbayexile
  • India
    • KMN - South India, particularly the state of Tamil Nadu
  • Indonesia
    • jeenius - Bali
  • Japan
    • Felonious Monk (a bit)
    • rev. paperboy
    • satelliteithias
    • summerbayexile
  • Malaysia
    • Judge Mental - Northern Islands and Cameron Highlands
  • Nepal
    • sprout
  • Singapore
    • jeenius
    • Judge Mental
  • South Korea
    • satelliteithias
  • Taiwan
    • jeenius - Taipei
  • Thailand (Central and South)
    • Judge Mental - Northern Islands and Cameron Highlands


  • Australia
    • Frenchbean - Far North Queensland
    • Judge Mental - East Coast Sydney to Cape Tribulation
    • summerbayexile - New South Wales
    • Uncle_Bob - Melbourne and Eastern Suburbs
    • Uncle Travelling Matt - Southern States
  • Independent Samoa
    • Frenchbean
  • New Zealand
    • Frenchbean - the un-touristy bits
    • summerbayexile
  • Tonga
    • Frenchbean

The Wet Bits

  • Florida Sailor - Seas, Oceans, you name it
  • Number Six - the Inland Waterways of the UK and central France

Here's the membership list so far...

Select a Royal Geographical Entry Society MemberNumber SixbroelanEmEbertGreyDeskJodanJimi XKerrAvonOrmondroydAzarasproutDanny BGnomonGoshoWhoami?Master BMickey Thomas' Right FootHypatiaMinaDemon DrawerFrenchbeanFelonius MonkFlorida Sailorrev. paperboyCyzakiJudge MentalAlisonWildmanThe Jon MGordon the ScoutYaelpointbeingMr. CarrotDinnerladyAgent XdizzygillespiefromcrystallakewatermusicMikey the Humming MousesatellithiasAlexAshmanLord High Mucky-MucknotromanhagaBluebottleRedstar2112OobastiahInkwashvipJulesKDon QuixoticTheDepressedYaksummerbayexilehappygator957susanneENOHAUncle_BobjeeniusWanderingAlbatrossMetal ChickenGuitarNinjaScandrea & TracermidnightkatlingGlobal Village IdiotTheAlexandrianMark RogersVice-Mistress KatDusankaKMNskankyrichThe_Admiral (aka avatar)King_BombaLeoAlphaHellTheWanderingRanjaJoe C.Big AlBob StaffordUncle Travelling MattWilma NeanderthalÐeakiefluffykerfuffleStranjeoneStephenMarkPerrySlartibartfast347B'ElanaIcy Northvogonpoetloftskywalker

1That's 'royal' in the sense of 'of superior size, magnitude, or quality', of course - we don't have a Royal charter from any King or Queen and we're probably too disreputable to accept one if it were offered...

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