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Firstly, here are links to the h2g2 index pages for each continent. You can find the country you want in the directory for that continent. If you don't know what continent the country you're interested in is in, you're probably better off going away and getting an education. We'll be pleased to welcome you back when you've got one...

Secondly, here are some links to different kinds of geographical entries:

  • A1032085 is an excellent example of how to write about a largely uninhabited area.
  • A590311 is a fine demonstration of how to write an entry on a geographical subject that isn't an urban area.
  • A997833, and the recently-updated entry on A190018 are among the best examples in the Edited Guide of an all-in entries summing up a city.
  • Sometimes there isn't space to include absolutely everything in an entry on a large city. A1111249 was intended for inclusion in the Prague entry, but there wasn't really room for it. So it was expanded and re-worked and made into an entry in its own right, with enough time and space to do justice to the subject.
  • For a masterclass in writing about an individual building, look no further than A1043164.
  • Good examples of reviews of pubs, cafes or bars are:
  • A1152929 is an interesting example of how to write about a number of small towns that share the same name. The fact that the name they share happens to be on the silly side is neither here nor there...

All these examples are by no means exhaustive, or perfect - if you can suggest some better ones, or help to widen the field, we'd welcome it - just click on this link to tell us.

Finally, our internal links:

The Royal1 h2g2 Geographical Entry Society - By Land, By Sea, By Air

By Land, By Sea, By Air
1That's 'royal' in the sense of 'of superior size, magnitude, or quality', of course - we don't have a Royal charter from any King or Queen and we're probably too disreputable to accept one if it were offered...

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