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A tree

Welcome to the Gardener's Guild!

A country lane in Texas.

You've found the club for all the green-fingered hitchhikers among us. If you have any interest in plants or gardening, we hope to provide something for you here.

You don't have to be old, honestly! :)

Our aim is simply to provide a central hub for garden-related guide entries, and also provide a discussion forum for any questions or comments .

Whether you have acres of land or an apartment balcony, or even just a few potplants dumped on a shelf in your room, feel free to jump aboard.

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Read about the joys and trials of a tomato addict the latest Cranky Gardener offering!

Flowers in a watering can

Guide Entries of interest

Wildlife Gardening Series

A beautiful garden in Pennsylvania.

Getting to know you...

Different plants and how to care for them:
Cacti - How to look after them.
Helleborus - "We bloom when damn all else does!"
Jade Plant - Crassula ovata
Skimmia - popular evergreen shrubs
Orchid Den. aggregatum

Good Gardening links

BBC Gardening
Royal Horticultural Society
Postcode Database of Native Plants - An interesting page.

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