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Not a good year for diseases

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This has to be the worst year i have ever know for plant problems. Usually i have a few things that start to look a bit tired by the end of the season, but this year smiley - groan
My Acanthus had such bad mildew i had to cut it down before it flowered. I've had mildew on my Verbena bonariensis, one clematis, a few hardy geraniums and Aqualegias. I've had rust on my Phormium and first time Gladioli smiley - wah My roses have black spot and fungal leaf blotch and a fuschia has some sort of black spot....what a year! smiley - sadface
Anyone else had more problems than usual with diseases this year?

Not a good year for diseases

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Hi, Venus,

Margaret Thrower (Percy's daughter) was on our local BBC radio station today doing her gardening slot and she said pretty much the same.

The weather is so unpredictable and only pests seem to be thriving. I know NIgel's potatoes have suffered badly which is a pity as he was doing well to start with.

It is good to know that someone with your expertise suffers problems too. I am afraid I just let my garden take care of itself, and the wildlife life does a lot for me in return for a good feed!!

I would think this has been the shortest summer on record in terms of good weather. Let's hope September turns out better.

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Not a good year for diseases

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This has to be the craziest garden year I've known. My garden diary is full of the dreaded "R" word and not much else! My garden has suffered too. Lost one lot of potatoes to blight, have mildew and rust on many things and an abundance of slugs and snails due to it being so wet. I think I've got a smaller crop of beans and other veg due to the wet too.

At least we know that we are not alone smiley - winkeye

Not a good year for diseases

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Nothing like nice damp grey weather for all sorts of mould and mildew!

Most of the roses I've seen this year have more black spots than dalmatians do. Although I'm surprised that there has not been much sign of toadstools in the lawn. A short spell a few months ago, but nothing since.

Not a good year for diseases

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smiley - bigeyes
KB please don't mention toadstools in the lawn....i have all that to look forward to yet smiley - wah

I would'nt say i was an expert, i know quite alot which is pretty useless when you garden organically like myself. I havent found any organic product that is actually effective against plant deseases.
The pests pretty much get taken care of by predators (except the dreaded lily beetle)
Oh and now my one and only tomato plant has some sort of leaf curl 'sigh' I think i'll give up for this year smiley - sadface

Not a good year for diseases

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Venus, I am so glad you garden organically smiley - smiley Don't give up on this year, I am sure the natural predators will sort things out eventually.

How long have you been gardening organically? It takes a while for nature to take over, but I feel sure it is worth it in the end.

I hate chemicals as there are consequences with all of them. I an not a gardener, I just potter, but mine hasn't seen a chemical in 40 years!!

Years ago we grew all our own vegetables, plus some fruit, but it got too much for us and we put it back to lawn. I also got worried because we have diesel trains running at the bottom of the garden, which smells horrible and leaves deposits on leaves etc.

I hope your garden recovers soon. smiley - cheerup

smiley - cheers

Websailor smiley - dragon

Not a good year for diseases

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Hi Webbie
I've lived here for 25 years and i've only once used a chemical in all that time. I had to kill some tree stumps and it was the only way to do it at the time smiley - sadface That was a very long time ago. The balance in the garden has been very good up untill now. It's not a real problem, i'll just cut things back in the Autumn and they should be fine next year (weather depending smiley - laugh)

I try to grow things to attract beneficial insects and birds, so the last thing i want to do is put them under threat by using chemicals smiley - sadface

You can see a few of my more unusual plants here http://www.venus-garden.fotk.com

I have a colony of newts and a few frogs that take care of the slugs. I love my garden smiley - biggrin

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