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Latin scepticus, from Greek skeptikos, thoughtful, from skeptesthai to look, consider.

The Associaction of Researcher Skeptics (ARS) aspires to be a meeting point for Researchers with a skeptical view on the world. In other words those who believe in David Humes Dictum: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence1."

Requirements for Membership

The requirements are fairly simple: The member must believe in the scientific method and be able to separate science from pseudoscience and the paranormal.

Member opinions

U196501 chose to put it like this: "I don't care what people believe, I just wish they wouldn't use bullscience to justify it."

"I only tend to believe in ideas and concepts which can be tested and so far have not been falsified. This makes me a 'logical positivist'. There are people out there who believe in ideas which cannot be tested (such as an afterlife), or ludicrous falsehoods (such as Creationism). There are excuse for being the former sort of believer, but none for being the latter."



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Skeptic Resources

If you want more information on Skeptics these links would be a good place to start:

If you're not from GB, the US or Australia you can find links to Skeptics organizations in many countries on both the American and Australian sites.


If you want to proudly display your membership on your userspace there is this little beaut. GML and motto by U151503.

ARS: I don't believe it!

1'obtained under extraordinary security' -David Schafer

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