Hi, I'm e^(¶i) +1 = 0 (just call me Lemon Blossom or Athena Albatross).


First, here are two websites I've just found that look very interesting to me, although I haven't had a chance to try out the technique yet. If you are in a female body, I assume you'll find these interesting and useful (unless it turns out that unlike me you've known about this all along).

How to pee while standing up without a penis.

Help and troubleshooting (no pun intended) on peeing while standing up without a penis.

I decided to change my user name to something unpronouncable and hard to type (e^(¶i) +1 = 0) so I wouldn't have to decide between the two names I've had here (Lemon Blossom and Athena Albatross). Just call me by either one; don't bother to type in the equation.

I suppose you want to know who I am.

My email address is: [email protected]

I'm I just graduated high school in the US. I neither support nor am against everything about my country--you'll have to talk to me to find out my opinions. I'm was captain of my high school's quizbowl team this year--next year I suppose I'll try out for college bowl.

My family is origionally from Asia; unfortunately we've been in the US long enough that noone ever taught me Chinese or Korean when I was little--it would be nice to know a second language but I'm horrible at languages and had a terrible time learning a little Spanish in high school. (As you can see, I'm no good at spelling as well.)

I'm a agnostic with some rather unusual views on how the universe ought to exist (but I realize that I have no evidence other than that I think they're estheticly preferable). I think that the universe is just an insignificant fragment of a multiverse of no time and infinite space dimentions that contains every self-consistant universe possible with parallel universes for every possible self-consistant series of events within each universe. Everything exists. I think this is the most symmetrical way for existance to work and I have yet to find any evidence against it, so it may be correct. I also have gotten a lot of ideas from science fiction books, including those by Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.

I'm also a bit of a libertarian with socialist tendencies. I am aware of the inherant contradiction.

I like to read a lot, and to read about a lot of different things, including science, history, mythology, some literature (not as much as my mother would like), technology, religions, and science fiction.

I'm interested in astronomy space travel--I think our future as a species depends on an open fronteer.

I've been called a femenist, but that's not a particularly accurate description--anti-genderist might be better. I don't think society or government should make any distinctions based on gender or biological sex--or require people to pick a gender consistant with their biological sex or even the geneder they selected yesterday. Personally, I tend to dress like a boy, but I would not call myself male. As for whether I'd call myself female--at present it's my default option but I'd rather I had some more choices.

ARS: I don't believe it!

Non-Christians For Abstinance
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