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Peeing Standing Up?

I suppose it's not kosher to post two journal entries so close together--but I'm not Jewish so why should I worry about keeping kosher? (sorry about the dumb joke, but I couldn't help it)

Yesterday I found two websites that I felt I had to spread the word about. I've always wanted to be able to pee standing up, but I'd always figured it was impossible. However, assuming these websites are not making things up (too be fair I haven't tried it yet because I haven't taken a shower since I found them and I figure my first try is bound to be messy and I should do it in the shower), it is possible to pee standing up without a penis.

Hopefully (a) they're accurate and (b) someone who's subscribed to my journal will find this information interesting/useful.

Of course, maybe I'm just unusual in not knowing how to do this. Did anyone already know this could be done, or how to do it?

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Latest reply: Jun 18, 2005

I graduated high school!

I suppose it wasn't the graduating that was a surprise so much as the actually getting my senior project finished so I could graduate with a certificate from the magnet program at my high school.

Still, it's done--until I go to college in the fall. So now I have time for H2G2 again.

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Election Day

No school today because they've closed schools to use as polls as usual on election day. The race is supposed to be too close to call--which has been drving me mad all weekend--I'm not convinced the country can survive another four years of Bush.

Speaking of the Shrub, he just flew over my house. Today he was supposed to campaign in Ohio in the morning, then fly into DC at around 1PM local time to go to his campaign headquarters. At just after 1 I was taking a walk and a military transport, a 747 in Air Force 1 colors, a Lear-jet type plane, and later a second 747 in the same color scheme flew south over my house really low. We're about 10-15 miles north of Andrews AFB (Air Force 1's airport when the president is in DC) and the only large planes that ever fly that low or in that direction are military transports going to Andrews. I'd say it's a pretty good bet it was the Shrub.

Bush Cheny 04--Compassionate Colonialism, Incompetant Imperialism.

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Driver's Liscence

I finally got my driver's liscence yesterday. It was my second attempt at the road test--the first time the instructor failed me half-way through and said she thought I needed psychological medication before I ought to drive--I'm not sure why. This time I managed to pass it; I only lost half the number of points you have to lose to fail.

It's a good thing I passed because school starts in a week (one year left till university) and I have an internship at the local NASA base--I need to be able to drive there. Also, I'm taking math class zero-period (7:15 AM), so I can't ride the schoolbus in the morning and it would be inconvienient for either of my parents to drive me. At least I don't need to worry about getting a liscence anymore. Now I just need to worry about driving.

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Lemon Blossom has returned, if anyone cares.

I don't know if anyone cares, or remembers me, but I'm the user previously known as Lemon Blossom. I sort of drifted off H2G2 in the spring--I never came back on the guide after going on summer vacation.

Finally, I decided to come back--maybe I'm here to stay, maybe I'm not. We'll see. In any case, I decided to change my name (I don't know what motivated me to pick the old one) and take the photos of my user page--it was taking too long to load.

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