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venue or place, sometimes inspired in the old cafés cantantes, where flamenco is frequently performed

..first thing you see upon entering is a row of
zapatos de Baile

(dancing shoes). If you feel like dancing, please pick a pair, we
have all sizes. Shoes to the left for ladies, boots to the right
for gentlemen.


proprietress of Flamenco Tablao, welcomes you!

Flamenco dance is:

passionate - fiery - bewitching - irresistable

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Flamenco Dance

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Flamenco Guitar

Inside you find yourself entering at one end of a rectangular room.

Beside you, on the wall, you see an old poster of
famous Flamenco guitar player
Paco de Lucía

At this end of the room, you will find a self-service bar counter.

In the middle of the room, there are several round wooden tables
with lit candles stuck in wine bottles, as well as lots of chairs.

At the other end of the room, you see a small stage.

(performing on stage at 9 pm every night)

(for use of stage)

(to be used freely by the guests)

And to the right you see house pet
enthusiast/lover of Flamenco

Only problem is that he gets carried away sometimes and
starts howling along. Just

grab him around the nose and speak soothingly

to him, and he will stop it.

- This is also the chance for you to let off all of those
feelings of life, like:

* anger

* bitterness

* disappointment

* envy

* fury

* jealousy

* morning

* regretting

* missing someone

In short, experiencing one of the DARK feelings of life, one of
those feelings that you bury deep down in yourself, not letting it
show to any one, because of the "stiff upper lip", "How are you? I
am fine" sort of barriers...

This is the place to let it out - in the form of FLAMENCO DANCING!
So what if you can't dance - let your feelings out and give them a
shape on the dance floor, alone, intense, vibrating, ALIVE!

And this is the idea of this forum: letting off steam, expressing
your feelings - in the shape of a flaming dance!

Feel free to throw piercing, angry looks at any one watching!

Be yourself!

Let it out!

Cry your eyes out!

And if those watching break out in tears too, you know you've
succeeded in getting through to them, touching their hearts and

There are TWO sides of life - light and happy - dark and

Give room to BOTH of them!

(this page still under construction, might change a bit in the near

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