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Welcome to the H2G2 Handedness Registry

Just to make it clear, I can't give you any good reason to pay any attention to this, but please do. The purpose of the H2G2 Handedness Register is to be a place where H2G2 Researchers can announce to H2G2 whether they are right-handed, left-handed, ambidexterous, or something else.

How to Register

To register, add a thread to this entry. In your post, say if you are right-handed, left-handed, ambidexterous, or unsure. Also, note if you are trying to change this (and if so, why). In a few days, I will begin posting the names of reserarchers and their stateds handedness.

The List

Left-Handed Researchers

  • U209736
  • U24
  • U200065
  • U219930
  • U190397
  • U233971
  • U173341
  • U565352
  • U581215
  • **(Trying to become ambidexterous.)

  • U929375
  • Right-Handed Researchers

  • U234722
  • U234717
  • **(Trying to become ambidexterous.)

  • U234848
  • **(Trying to become ambidexterous.)

  • U232319
  • **(Wants to be ambidexterous.)

  • U231111
  • U235741
  • U195643
  • U242047
  • U236130
  • U244301
  • U236276
  • **(Wants to be ambidexterous.)

  • U208656
  • U235904
  • U205526
  • U186743
  • U552734
  • U566116
  • U516189
  • U811024
  • Left-Dominant Ambidexterous Researchers

  • U187819
  • U238830
  • U218978
  • Right-Dominant Ambidexterous Researchers

  • U236874
  • U240842
  • U135628
  • Completely Ambidexterous Researchers

    Non-Hominid Researchers

  • U231556
  • Announcements

    National Left-Handedness Day (in the UK, I think) is August 13.

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