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Am I too late?

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I hope the answer is "Naah - jump roit on the caaart!"
I had a short written conversation with the late Carl Sagan about this, many years ago. Sadly, the notebook which shuttled back and forth across the Atlantic went missing several changes of address ago, but I still have the dollar that he returned to me (I offered it to cover his postage smiley - smiley).
It was prompted by his notes on handedness in his book "The Dragons of Eden", which I felt (in my humble 12-yr-old opinion) were a little too simplistic for the subject. I knew of a type of handedness that he didn't mention at all, as it is the handedness I possess.

My fine motor skills (e.g. handwriting on the letterwriting scale) are concentrated primarily in my left hand, whereas my gross motor skills (e.g. throwing things) and strength are on my right.

An interesting exercise for any of you with a white/blackboard to hand (sorrysmiley - biggrin) - write something large with your normal writing hand, then try it with your other hand. You may be surprised at the result!

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Am I too late?

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