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You enter the lobby of the enormous Writers Library, a vast repository of knowledge containing links to resources on h2g2 and elsewhere that help with writing for the Guide. A great ape greets you and gestures toward the suggestion box. If you have a suggestion for a writing-related link, please post it here Suggested Links for the Writers Library... ook!


Just off the lobby, you find The Writers Lounge where you can hang out, ask questions of your fellow Researchers, make small talk about what you're working on, show off what you've done so far, or ask for suggestions.1 Intrigued by snippets of intelligent, helpful conversation escaping from the Writers Lounge, you step closer to see Researchers working independently and in small groups in a friendly, casual atmosphere toward a common goal - contributing to the Guide. Here you can work on your entry while helping other Researchers work on theirs... or you can just goof off amongst your peers.


As you enter the main library, the Librarian swings among the shelves several feet above your head as he returns books and scrolls to their places.

References on Getting Ideas

H2G2 Speaker's Corner Opinion entries
Flea Market Rescue an abandoned entry from oblivion.
Random Logline Generator! Trigger an idea with this fun generator.
Overcoming Writer's Block

H2G2 Writing Workshops

Edited Guide Writing Workshop
Alternative Writing Workshop
Writing Workshops A list of researcher guide entries on writing

Style & Usage Manuals

Learning to Write on h2g2 Links for Researchers
Writing for the Edited Guide Elements of a well-written Edited Guide entry
Edited Guide Style English usage for the Edited Guide
Alternative Writing Guidelines UnGuide Guidelines for Alternative Guide Entries
The Alternative - Alternative Writing Guidelines Three Easy Alternative Writing Guidelines
Strunk's Elements of Style Rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly violated
Eats, Shoots and Leaves - Lynn Truss - online punctuation pdf, educational companion to the book.
On-line Dictionaries, Thesauri, Style Guides, etc - Bels' amazing entry

Spell Checking & Grammar Checking

Spell Checker (manned) for the human touch in spell and punctuation checking
smiley - disco SPELL CHECKER smiley - disco This site spellchecks blocks of text in UK and US English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian!
One Look Dictionary Search engine that accesses many important dictionaries... helpful in spelling.


h2g2 Picture Library Artwork for GuideML pages
Community Art More artwork for GuideML pages
The h2g2 Photographers & Their Photographs

More Help Links

Named Entries A list of names instead of numbers for frequently accessed help pages
GuideML-Clinic The how-to for GuideML, the pliable format for entries

Ook! Periodicals

Read all about it in The Postsmiley - thepost


Browse through your fellow Researchers favorite reading material and media inspiration. The Librarian can list your private collection too. Once you enter the Private Collections Room, just post your stuff in the Private Collections Portal thread.


Writing-Collaborative - defunct... okay got an idea... make something like it in here.... So, essentially it would be a thread here for researchers who have a bare-bones idea to offer it for other researchers to collaborate in building the idea... deciding on content etc... even helping writing it ultimately... if they so wish.

1This text block was spell checked by the SPELL CHECKER.

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Infinite Improbability Drive

Infinite Improbability Drive

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