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Some pages on h2g2 have names given to them, which are a darn sight easier to remember than something like A123456. There are two exciting ways to link to Named Entries (as they're called) - hold onto your hats as we explain:

  • In Conversations and plain text Guide Entries, all you need to do is type the name shown below, surrounded by <./> and </.> tags. For example, if you wanted to link to the ComingUp page in a Forum, you'd type <./>ComingUp</.> and it would magically transform into a link (though it's always a good idea to check that you've got it right by using the 'Preview' button).

  • In GuideML Guide Entries, you should use the <LINK H2G2> tag to link to Named Entries. For example, if you wanted to link to the ComingUp page in a Guide Entry, you'd use <LINK H2G2="ComingUp">...</LINK> in your entry. For more information on GuideML, check out the GuideML Clinic, and please note that there are some issues with this kind of linking that are discussed on the <LINK H2G2> page.

Some of the following names are no longer recommended for use, though they still go to the right places. They're shown in brackets after the correct version, so ideally you should only use the main one listed. Don't panic if you don't, though; it's unlikely that they'll stop working.


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  • Challengeh2g2 - a list of topics which are not covered in the Guide and we feel should be
  • EntryOfTheMonth - some entries which were voted as particularly good


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