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Welcome in smiley - smiley and find a seat somewhere.

The well-lit room contains a comfortably mismatched set of chairs, couches, desks, and tables. Researchers are working independently or in groups on their entries in a spirit of helpful camaraderie.
Some are playing boardgames... Others are just kicking back waiting for their muse to return or just trying to rejuvenate with small talk about nothing in particular.
The Librarian is trying to build a fire in the massive fireplace...

Do you want to:

  • Ask your fellow Researchers questions?
  • Give your fellow Researchers suggestions?
  • Share what you've written?
  • Quaff some smiley - aleor sip a nice glass of smiley - redwine?

Just find or start a thread below. And, don't carry any food or drink back into the main library, or the Librarian will get cross.

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Infinite Improbability Drive

Infinite Improbability Drive

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