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Icy North

I'm starting a thread on each of the h2g2 societies to alert members to any relevant entries in Peer Review and the Edited Guide Writing Workshop which could benefit from their specialist knowledge (writing, language and literature, in this case). Please come along and help these authors get their work into the Edited Guide!

Here's a list of vaguely language/literature-related entries in PR, and a few in the EGWW. If any more are submitted, then we'll add them to this thread:

Entry: Tove Jansson - Illustrator and Author - A50057228
Author: Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups - U231227
PR Thread: F48874?thread=6497930

Entry: Pidgins & Creoles - A52091651
Author: Joha_Ai - U13868004
PR Thread: F48874?thread=6616824

Entry: Where Stereotypes Come From and Stereotype Formation - A52771692
Author: Slartibartfast347 - U10681217
PR Thread: F48874?thread=6653741

Entry: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome - A54407414
Author: Betty - U1722779
PR Thread: F48874?thread=6753747

Entry: The Great Gatsby and the American Dream - A51933279
Author: a-m-r88 - U13982177
PR Thread: F48874?thread=6616592

Entry: Creole – more than a language phenomenon - A51968794
Author: Tanja_K - U13865767
PR Thread: F48874?thread=6608721

Entry: James Bond in the Cold War - A51925962
Author: littlesimon1 - U13980914
PR Thread: F48874?thread=6637303

Entry: Brave New World in progres - A34875958
Author: BeowulfShaffer - U10890736
EGWW Thread: F57153?thread=5557606

Entry: Grammar: whether or if? - A37670367
Author: KZ - the abbreviation formerly known as WG - U8183342
EGWW Thread: F57153?thread=5606036

Thanks for your support!

smiley - cheers Icy

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WL: Peer Review Alert

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