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What ho old chap, welcome to The h2g2 Wodehouse Society!!!

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Do sit down and make yourself comfortable. My valet, Jeeves should be along any moment with the smiley - tea, but do help yourself to some smiley - stiffdrink if you fancy something stronger. Or maybe some smiley - oj if you are like an old pal of mine from the Drones, Gussie Fink-Nottle. You know, the newt-fancier. With a face like a fish.

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Like I said before in that Marquee that took me a blasted embarrassingly long time to to figure out how to do, (so you better enjoy it) this is the

smiley - bluelightsmiley - nahnah!!h2g2 Wodehouse Society!!smiley - nahnahsmiley - bluelight1

and it is dedicated to anything to do with the British humour writer, PG Wodehouse, a dashed topping cove. Please join in that little box at the bottom of the page, and I shall then determine if you qualify as an Egg, Bean, or Crumpet. Then I will put your name on the page somewhere. And once you join, feel free to start any other conversations. Be it about Bertie, Blandings, or anything in between, please yourself. smiley - bigeyes

Where is that bally man of mine with the tea? Probably curled up somewhere with a Spinoza, I expect.

Here are some Entries for you to look at to pass the time:

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The Logo

Below is the official sort of logo type thingy for The h2g2 Wodehouse Society. Yeah, its sort of lame and boring, but it was the best thing I could come up with. So when you join, you can put it on your Personal Space, if you want to. smiley - biggrin

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I want to join The h2g2 Wodehouse Society because PG Wodehouse is the greatest writer of all time!

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A caricature of a snooty English butler.

'I endeavor to give satisfaction, sir'

1Sorry, didn't mean to startle you.

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