PDantE`(obscurum per obscurius)
Which is the Avatar name for 'Me' in Cyberspace.

May my Sims be forgiven groan

(blatant plug) blush


Hear "Visionaries" . "Zoe at the Zoo" . "They took the clouds away"."Black Elk's Blues"...
(and other fine tunes by other Collective folk here)....


.....and read the extending mini-biog of aninfintenumberofmonkeys here....



peacesignful aint it ,now i've turned the lights down?

ForteaTwo .Two 4tea

Cup ofteaanyone ?space

come in and make yourself at home !

sit down,or you'll just make the place look untidy .smiley
I'll just get somecake

While you're browsing through this why not click the next blue link and do your bit to end World Hunger ?

http://www.thehungersite.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/CTDSites" >http://www.thehungersite.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/CTDSites />

well.. what to say to introduce myself ?...yawnzzzspaceflustered
i am a 49 yr old male WASP(Protestant,orcatholic .i don't mind !) (some of my best friends are bumble bees ,and i don't see anything wrong in that).
Surviving in London(for all 48 yrs),and surfin' the net for a very short time (i'm what they used to call a lamer,i thinkerm
Why pdante' ?
(infernally pedantic)devil
(as if you're interested)yawn.

"Here's my philosophy.
Don't know your limitations.
Who knows,by some chance dispensation,
They may go away"spacespaceP.Blegvad.

" There's such a lot of good ways to be bad
And so many bad ways to be good, haven't paid my rent yet
I tell them sorry but I haven't got the money anymore

Just for today I thought I'd leave love alone, hold hands with day
And if I'm so bad, why don't they take me away?...

...Working doesn't seem to be the perfect thing for me so I'll continue to play
And if I'm so bad why don't they take me away?"......

The Universal (Steve Marriot & The Small Faces)

More lyrical philosophy this time from Frank Zappa

...You're just startin' to get worried,
You ain't going out no more
And it's confusin' to your mind--

Just consider this:
You can be scared when it gets too real
You can be scared when it gets too real
But you should be diggin' it
While it's happening
(Yes! You should be diggin' it while it's happening!)
'Cause it just might be a one-shot deal.

One Shot Deal (Waka/Jawaka)

Information is not knowledge
Knowledge is not wisdom
Wisdom is not truth
Truth is not beauty
Beauty is not love
Love is not music
Music is THE BEST . . .
Wisdom is the domain of the Wis (which is extinct)
Beauty is a French phonetic corruption
Of a short cloth neck ornament
Currently in resurgence . . .

Packard Goose (Joe's Garage)


Being an armchair philostopher like what i is you have turn over a lot of stones to find the one that stirs theangel's wing,thus pedantary moves in with you and you bring it tea andcakebut it still wont leave(charmed it with soap,threatened it with a Railway Share but..to no avail...

(for the Snare was a BassDrum you see ?)groan

So get used to it pdante' s here to staygroangrovelplease no...(whifiling sigh)

Don't even start t orc en Tolkien round here O.K.

As a child i was amused,and to this day i still amuse myself

Love Comedy,laugh
(in all its rich variations)
Like Music,it's a universal languagebiggrin (faves include Barry Cryer, Jeremy Hardy,Fraiser, Laurel and Hardy, Eric Sykes,Hattie Jacques, Woody Allen (when he was funny), Seinfeld(the tv series) , Will Durst, Harry Hill,Lenny Bruce, Linda Smith .I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.The News Quiz
(the last two should be on the radio every week as they are two of the few things that keep me sane and alive brave

musicalnoteLove Music,musicalnoteit's quicker to say what i have attention deficit problems withspace :
CandW (although i do like some bluegrass),
Opera,diva(tho i love some choral)
Definite Faves,musicalnote Reggae Dub and Rocksteady.1960's music Beatles and the Beach Boys and ever outward and onwards.
Faust. Tom Waits.REM. XTC. Can.Nick Drake.John Martyn.Small Faces. Frank Zappa.Stanley Clark.George Duke.Patti Smith.Roxy Music. Brian Eno.(and his brother,Roger).Caravan .Van der Graaf. Robyn Hitchcock.Peter Blegvad.Ian Dury.
To put it quickly if it's got good rhythm ,and melody in varying degrees you probably find me involved with it on some level.musicalnote

books. Some fiction but mostly biogs and research material .i enjoy Iain Sinclair and other left-fieldersweird.
Waiting for Hobnob by Samuel Biscuitsmiley

Films.Loved Dogma . Derek Jarman's filmsbluebutterflyA Matter of Life and Death.Passport to Pimlico. Donnie Darko.Withnail + I. Harold & Maude . Mr Hulot's Holiday. Pi. Winconsin Death Trip.
The duo of films by Patrick Keiller (London . Robinson in Space.)
Also London Labyrinth by Chris Petit (a film made by editing other films together to give a new narrative)

I write poetry (not another one) yawn.

Love London Mythology and a lifelong interest in Aromatherapy and Etymology(no,notbluebutterflys).

i'm an artistwitch who thinks deep thunks and generally worries about The state of the Universe.headhurts

Loved the Books of Susan Cooper when younger although I flipped through The Dark Is Rising again recently and got shivers, so Magic doesn't go away.

a tribute site to her is here...... http://www.thelostland.com/welcome.htm" >http://www.thelostland.com/welcome.htm />

Also Alan Garner's Red Shift(among others),and a quick nod of the head and a hyperlink to Catweazle,the aforementioned books and this character did more to affirm my belief that there are more things in Heaven and Earth...........
So to support this excellent non profit making Charity.Have a look around,and if you fancy sign up(at the moment they are in a struggle to i;get them shown again on National T.V and ii; get them released on DVD.
The Catweazel Fan Club is here..... http://www.catweazlefanclub.co.uk" >http://www.catweazlefanclub.co.uk />
My favourite way of getting around the guide smiley

http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/brunel/RandomEntry" >http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/brunel/RandomEntry />
I will not tolerate intoleranceerm(well i try to be as tolerant as possible)

My Patron Saint is St Ate the Obvious biggrin

(i think brackets are a pretty neat idea).Paragraph?
What's a paragraph? Life's wraparound matey!discodiscodisco
One could witter on like this all day but i've got important dreaming to dozzzspace..."so why the man-suit?"
zenmagicdiscolighthousespaceLeave me a messagespacecheersspaceta

I endevour to help all with any problems that i can. Leave me amusicalnote

I hereby announce an apology to Collective Viewers (Assistance is Useful) but i am not going into Guide ML (for anything or anyone) sorry...smiley

Thanks to Werekitty i am now officiallyspace pdantespace
See my friends list below for details..(well i say friends, but they seldom drop bybluecry)wahbrave


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