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Hello and welcome to the h2g2 Pagan community, this is a place were you can sit back relax and have a discussion with your fellow pagans about whatever you want to. No need to be pagan specific, it can be anything (within h2g2 rules of course). The community is also meant to be a rallying point for entries that need doing for information on paganism

If you wish to be added simply comment and hopefully we shall add you to the list. Please read the list of rules though so we can call play nice.


  1. Don't break h2g2 policies. Thats a given.
  2. No spamming, trying to convert us, trolling, etc,
  3. Don't add random people to your friends list just cause were pagans, we like you and all, just ask first, preferably on our home page.
  4. If your in contributing to a entry we would appreciate if you use some references please, we have already had a few entries here at h2g2 have to be reedited because no one checked to make sure what was on them was actually correct.
  5. Any one who claims to speak to the Divine, and can offer no more than " 'cause my spirit guide told me so" will be thwacked. Hard. This means you.
  6. Anyone espousing the virtues of authors like Silver Ravinwolf, Edain McCoy, and DJ Conway, among others can expect to encounter great, heaping amounts of disagreement and uproarious laughter. Ditto with anyone making statements about how horrible the Burning Times were. The first one to post "Never again the Burning Times" will be used as an example to the others. Facts, people. Plain and simple. Ditto for anyone whining about witches being hanged (or worse yet, BURNED) at Salem. Those who insist on such fluffy attitudes and beliefs will be corrected. If you do have to post about the "burning times" which yes we acknowledge happened do so in a way that provide references and of course realise that you may still receive plenty of critique.
  7. Anyone who raves on endlessly about Middle Earth, Elven language, or who makes any attempt to add a LOTR veneer (or any other pop culture nonsense) to Wicca or any other traditional path will be immediately and summarily ignored.
  8. Just because *you* may happen to believe in the Three-fold stipulation on magical practice, it does not mean that everyone else is here is held to it. Although most of us have a sense of "what goes around, comes around---eventually," the fact of the matter is that Three-fold is NOT a universal "Law-that-Must-Be-Obeyed."
  9. Eclectic Craft practices are accepted and encouraged, however posting them as legitimate is insulting to others who do practice specific paths.
  10. We encourage debate, love a good argument and are quite happy to say when we don't know something, we hope anyone else who joins us is willing to also.

We also thank nonfluffypagans from live-journal who we borrowed some rules from.

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