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Icy North

Other researchers and I are starting a thread on each of the h2g2 societies to alert members to any relevant entries in Peer Review and the Edited Guide Writing Workshop which could benefit from their specialist knowledge (paganism, in this case, but I'm guess you might also be interested in anything to do with folklore and alternative beliefs in general). Please come along and help these authors get their work into the Edited Guide!

Currently, these paganism-related entries reside in PR and the EGWW. When any more are submitted, then we'll notify you via this thread:

Entry: UPDATE-Stonehenge - A41771784
Author: Big Al - Keeper of Mnemonics, Keeper of the Glowing Pickle. Patron Saint of Left Handers. - U723247
PR Thread: F48874?thread=5954797

Entry: Wicca - What is it? - A9836724
Author: Serephina...needing cheered up - U191719
EGWW Thread: F57153?thread=2630525

Thanks for your support!

smiley - cheers Icy

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PCC: Peer Review Alert

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