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new member and thank you

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Hey Yall, I'm a new member to h2g2 and recently found your group. Thank you for being here! I've been looking for a legit pagan research group for awhile and it seems I've just found it. I live in south Louisiana and despite all the Voodoo and mystery that inhabits our culture there is much resistance from the christians to welcome pagans in open society. I'm very proud of my beliefs so I find myself in verbal confrontations on a regular basis. My heritage is pretty diverse including Highland Celts and Southern Native American Choctaw. I am also fascinated with Voodoo. I haven't met anyone to help guide my spirituality so I take alittle from each of the above and follow what works for me. I refer to myself as a Pagan forest child, when asked, for lack of a better definition of my "religion". I look forward to readin all of your entries and learn more. Thank yall once again...firechick1976

new member and thank you

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darakat - Now with pockets!

Hello and welcome to the h2g2 pagan community, take a look in at the bar (http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/alabaster/F5899420?thread=3676391 ) and feel free to have a look around at the array of entries we have edited and reviewed. We are trying to get everything on h2g2 up to a decent level of accuracy and usefulness, however this takes time and effort, and if you can help, make suggestions, recruit more members (not that we promote converting of course) that you know are pagan etc, it can only help! Feel free to ask questions, be relaxed and generally have a good time! p.s. The rules may seem a little harsh, but you should see what it can be like without them...

new member and thank you

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I will and thank you. I appreciate the rules and don't mind the harshness. I'll also be more than willing to spread the word when I meet someone who shares my intrests but we are few and far between around here. I don't have much to contribute at this time as I am still learning and trying to find reputible sources. However if I do come across something that appears relative then I will submit it for review...firechick1976

new member and thank you

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Hi firechick smiley - smiley

If you read the thread called 'Advice, Please' you'll find how this place really helped me. I hope you get as much from it as I am.

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