To be frank, I'd have to get my name changed

Sometimes I wish I could just sit and relax all day and not have to do anything I could sit and laugh at things that weren't even funny and then watch a film and maybe do some reading but I'd probably end up going online a lot and hell this is pretty much what I do now and it gets boring trust me though I do do some reading and some learning you just end up doing nothing and wondering why you're bored some people say it beats working I say be careful what you wish for I'd like some chow mein though so if I were you I'd go and do something constructive right now unless you do constructive things all day and this is your time for relaxation in which case fair play but if you're just lazy like I suppose I am and I really am you should go and do something I won't lecture just find something to do read a book practise a skill learn something new or expand your knowledge into something you already knew about unless you know everything in which case leave you unsufferable know-it-all I hopen the rest of you are still with me because I'm not finished yet and have a feeling I won't be for a while because you know how it is when something grabs you and won't let you go for a while it doesn't happen if you do absolutely nothing all day of course but I occasionally do things like learn stuff and practise a skill and so I know these moments they can last for hours and they're wonderful though not as wonderful as that feeling you get after you've just exercised heavily perhaps for the first time in a while and your mind is just clear it always seems to me to be like your mind is full of cucumber anyway it's a great feeling If you've never felt it before go and get some exercise now you remember I was telling you to do something if you don't do things all day but I would exercise straight away if I were you and if you don't do anything all day because it's the greatest feeling and you don't build up tolerance I'm still nowhere near finished so give yourself a pat on the back if you're this far I expect that actually I'll burn myself out in a while and for the record I like to pretend I'm a girlie and wear pink frilly dresses that was to get your attention if you just skim websites looking for dirty words here you go poo sex bum transvestite enough alright I wonder how long it'll be before I burn myself out and all of this has to change but of course it won't make any sense because it'll be related to this one and this one will be gone so noone will understand it like they do anyway breasts that was to get your attention again I can see you nodding off I wouldn't do that if I were you I'd go get some exercise or something perhaps even I don't know try and learn a foreign language that's what I do but don't get frustrated if you don't make any progress at first you might be learning the wrong language for you on the other hand maybe you just need to take it a bit easier on yourself but not so easy that you don't do anything all day it's just quite simply not worth it savvy go and see a film even there's usually something good on and if not then you could think about writing your own one you won't ever make it but you can think about it really hard before you go back to your computer the point of all this was insofar as indeed there was a point and if you haven't skimmed most of this trying to gleam the point to work out whether it will be worth it to read it all lazy slacker although I suppose I can't really talk but go back to the beginning and read it properly back to the point at hand which was the point at hand, just stop reading this and do something.

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