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Are you playing Perplex City? It's an exciting new collectable trading puzzle card-game internet treasure-hunt thingy. A number of researchers are playing the game and we'd like to keep track of each other's scores1.

How to join

  1. Sign up on the Perplex City website (if you haven't already)
  2. Tell us your h2g2 user number and Perplex City screen name using the handy-dandy form below.
  3. Using the table below, add all the other researchers to your 'Tracked Players' list on Perplex City2.
  4. Buy and solve cards to increase your score.
  5. Reach the top of the league.
  6. Brag.
h2g2 user number: U
Perplex City screen name:
ResearcherName on Perplex CityScore
1Being seventh in the h2g2 league sounds better than being eight thousand one hundred and twenty-second overall.2This page will be updated by a strict deadline of 'When I get around to it,' whereas the Perplex City site updates people's scores automatically, and so will be more accurate.

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