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We all love animé, right? The superb Japanese animation that far surpasses anything to have ever come out of the Western entertainment world. But here's the thing: in case you don't know, it's all edited. Yup. Every word.

In Japan, there are no censorship laws, and people can put whatever they want on TV. This means that in Japan, animé is full of blood, violence, sex, cursing, and overall a hell of a lot of stuff that's seen by the Western world as being unsuitable for youngsters. Some stuff has been refused official exit from Japan. So why are these removed? Because some zillion year old TV producers don't want to corrupt our fragile little minds, that's why. Seriously guys, no one cares. The kids you're trying to protect from it know all the expletives and are well aware of sex, plus they know more versions of the words and more stuff about sex than you do. If parents don't want their kids to see that, they'll stop them watching it. And what's up with Spawn? That's bloodier, gorier, and has more cursing, violence, and sex than any animé, and it doesn't get edited, plus is has absolutely no redeeming moral values. If it's acceptable to put that filth on* then why you feel he need to edit animé? Anyway, this is an online campaign which will most likely spread to other websites, asking TV stations to please stop editing animé. For you in the USA who edit it, it's a suppression of free speech.

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