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Imagine a world with no cars, where the roads are as straight or as twisty as you'd like them...

Welcome to the Club-house

Did someone say biker smiley? Here's cheers to the creator of this little guy:smiley - bikersmiley - bikersmiley - bikersmiley - bikersmiley - biker

This club was formed for H2G2 researchers who are also bikers. Or bikies. 1

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If you'd like a coffee and a bit of a relax, park your bike outside and wander over to A734249, just across the road. The proprietress is a member of the club, so please don't upset her by sitting in the yellow chair...

If you'd prefer a race or to track-test your bike, thrash it round A738272. How fast can you get around?

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Club Goals

1. To bring together motorbike riding researchers so we can discuss bike stuff, organise H2G2 MC ride days, race days (spectator or participant), and of course pub research.

2. To provide a reference point for motorbike related guide entries, issues, and advice.

3. To promote motorcycling as a cost effective environmentally friendly and downright entertaining mode of transport.

4. To have a club patch and smiley for club members available on H2G2. And some more motorbike pictures.

New Members Welcome

If you'd like to join or suggest something, please feel free. If you do join, please subscribe to the conversations of this page if you'd like to be involved and informed of club happenings...

Club Members

The membership list has grown so much a seperate entry seemed necessary - for a list of members, the bikes they ride, and even some poetry(!), click here.

Call for motorbike-related sites, articles and stories

Know of any essential bike sites? Want to tell a biking story or let us all know that one piece of life-saving advice or even just a handy maintenance tip? Contributions welcome!

The MC Soapbox

Politicians and the press seem to see motorcyclists as easy targets. What new laws are being dreamt up to make our lives more difficult? What's motorbike related and in the news? What advice can members give about promotion of motorbike issues to the general public? What do we need to know that might affect us? Get on the soapbox and tell us about it.

November 2006: Is Bigger Better?

Not necessarily, according to siltec, who asks the question...

July 2006: Best motorbiking entries on guide?

So what are the best motorbiking entries on the guide?

April 2006 (MHMC is 4 yrs old!!!): Scooters, exhausts, and engines...

Serial666 wants to know: Is a Scooter really a motorcycle?

While Ictoan might be looking for a new rocket, since he'd probably like to ride the biggest and the most powerful single cylinder engine in a production motorbike.....and he does seem to have a thing for exhausts...

May 2005: 10 pound head?

Researcher Acropoyds posted hot tips for new riders at another guide entry, but hey, it's good stuff...

April 2005 (MHMC is 3 yrs old!!!): Two VERY IMPORTANT Questions

There are two issues that vex the minds, hearts and bodies of riders all over the world...and it's time to ask the questions:

Is Bike Insurance Expensive In Your Area?

Why Do They Put Manholes In The Middle Of The Lane???

Feb 2004: Italy v Japan

How do we decide between the variety of japanese machines on offer and the charisma of the italian bikes? Does the heart win over the head? I can't decide...can you?.

May 2003: Riding a Motorbike to Work

If you ride a bike to work every day, share your wisdom - what tips do you have, and why would you do it in the first place? The soapbox is waiting: here.

November 2002: Motorcycle Riding is Dangerous

Riders are reminded nearly every day that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. What do you think? Are motorbikes death-machines? Is their "danger" a part of the image that attracts riders?

Lets get controversial. Have your say here.

How about some statistics? With a bit of help, they'll be here.

June 2002: Front licence plates

In Australia recently, front licence plates, or some form of electronic identification, for motorbikes have been raised as a "safety issue". But is the issue really safety, or about lost revenue? The conversation starts here.

Motorbiking tales

A collection of poetry and short stories contributed by members of MHMC. Includes what is rapidly becoming what must be a record of some kind - a growing series of verse in limerickal form by YOGABIKER

Contributed by: Vicki Virago

Contributed by: Casper

Moonglum's Tales of the Frog





Motorbiking tips

Tips are always welcome. Start a conversation if you'd like to contribute some maintenance, riding or other helpful hints...

Maintenance Tips contributed by - Moonglum

1) Take care when opening a packet of new gaskets. First blood went to a friend of mine when he cut himself on a sharp edge removing the packing from these.

2) When you take the engine apart, put the nuts for the head bolts into each section of an egg carton. Use the top left section of the carton to hold the top left bolt etc. This way you can match the nut to the bolt it came from and will minimise problems with threads etc. when you reassemble the engine.

3) When you put the head back on a bike, you have to pinch the piston rings in before dropping the head on top. Use a jubilee clip to gently hold the rings in place or take your time and do it by hand. DO NOT USE A HAMMER to tap the head in place. Despite the bottom on cylinder being slightly curved, you will destroy the rings if you force the head on this way.

4) Fitting a new fuse box because the old one has corroded? Why not fill up (and I mean fill) the back of the box with vaseline. It will coat all the contacts and water proof them. It doesn't conduct electricity so won't short anything out.

H2G2 Motorbike-related entries - Edited entries



















Other interesting H2G2 Motorbike-related entries

This is why we love to ride... 2











A25681502 Beatrice's occasional column in The Post.

BBC Sites

Motorsports - Motorbikes

External Sites

(Australia) Guy Allen, who writes "Travels with Guido" (among other things) for Australian Motorcyle News, started this mailing list and website for Motorcycle enthusiasts as a Uni project.

Flames on my tank
(South Africa) Not what you might think from the name, this site seems to be a decent source of advice for new riders and is quite comprehensive.

Classic Motorcycle Racing Club
(UK) Recommended by Sergeant 'Indiana' Mushroom and GA Cat Cleo - "site of the classic racing motorcycle club. A friendly lot".

What's your secret outlaw bikie name?
Eska, aka Lil' Headbanger of the Spider Skulls MC, told us about this one...

Fred Gassit - Club Mascot?
Fred has been gracing the pages of Australian Motorcycle News for years...check out the Biker or Bikie? episode for an insight into that challenging question.

Handle it or Lose it!
A site that emphasises riding safely, with some crash videos to hammer the message home...

1This is an important distinction.2 [irony]

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