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Imagine a world with no cars, where the roads are as straight or as twisty as you'd like them...

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This is a list of the proud members of A724312

First Bike: Kawasaki LTD250
Current Bike: Suzuki SV650S.
Virtual Bike: Drysdale V8 1000 Bruiser

eska, Born to Be Mild
First Bike: Suzuki GN125 which "lasted me one week before it was totalled by a Subaru-toting a*****e who was on the phone and at the wheel...wasn't such a great bike anyway.."
Current Bike: Yamaha TW125.
Virtual Bike: Cagiva Raptor, but "that's not a bike I'd like to have, 'cause I just don't feel like dying right now."

First Bike:
Current Bike: Yamaha SR125

Kaz: "I don't feel any need to adorn it with anything or name it!"

Moonglum: "Not even Tinsel??"

Virtual Bike:

First Bike:
Current Bike: Suzuki SV650S: "Two years ago I secretly passed my test and bought the bike, I actually hid it in my friends garage for 6 months!!!"

Virtual Bike:

HappiNÔse (once known as Moonglum)
First Bike: Triumph Cyclone. "It met an untimely end at thirty MPH into the side of a Volvo. My second set of wheels was a Honda CG125 which saw me through to passing my licence. Hooorah! Great solid bike!"

Current Bike: XJ900
Virtual Bike: Yamaha VMAX - "1200cc giving something like 110bhp. Great for going in straight lines but steers like a cow!"

HappiNÔse later advised some maintenance tips for the Cyclone: "The Triumph Cyclone was a great bike. Well you've gotta keep the chain oiled. Make sure when you oil the chain, you don't get oil on the brake pads. Once you've oiled the chain, wind the pedals round really quickly to get the oil to disperse through the sprockets...."

Austin Morris
First Bike:
Current Bikes(!): Triumph Bonneville ("my baby"); Triumph Tiger T100ss ("in component form undergoing a half hearted resto"); and a 1986 Honda VFR "that's seen better days but goes".
Virtual Bike: "My virtual bike? A Norvin. 1000 cc's of Vincent engine in a Norton Featherbed frame. All black, silver and all[o]y. They are out there!" ...'nuff said!

Sergeant 'Indiana' Mushroom and GA cat Cleo
First Bike:
Currently bike deprived...
Virtual Bike:

C Hawke
First Bike: Z200
Current Bike: Triumph Sprint 900 "Just going out now to do what the manual tells me and to wash it after each ride...Photo on my web page...along with all my others I've had (except the Z200)."

Virtual Bike:

First Bike: Yamaha RD400 - "a 2-stroke road bike about 10-15yrs old at the time I got it. She served me well for about 6-8 weeks..."

Current Bike: 2002 VFR800 (the lucky b****r) named VIV - "V4, Injected, Vtec"

Virtual Bike: Monster 900

First Bike: Suzuki GP100 "that had been used as a farm hackabout, it even had BMX handlebars on it! When I parted with my 50 quid, the guy that had owned it looked at my husband and said 'You're not going to let her ride that on the road are you?' to which he shrugged and replied 'You try stopping her...' at which point I grinned, jumped on the bike and didn't want to get off again".

Also currently bike deprived...
Virtual Bike:

The Fish
First Bike: Honda CB100N
Current Bike: The now non-working Honda CB100N, "that little thing uses more oil than petrol!"
Virtual Bike: Triumph Speed Triple in Metallic Blue

First Bike: Honda CB125/XL125 hybrid - "home made in NZ for about $200..."
Current bike: GB500 Honda single "its got 2 wheels and they still go round, 14 years after I rode out of the showroom..."

Virtual Bike: Laverda "or a Guzzli with XR600 suspension that chews up the black top and the dirt, goes up (and down) firebreaks like a scalded cat, *never* runs out of gas, never gets lost and never kills me..."

Nogbad the Viking
First Bike: RD250 "on which I passed my test, then a GS750 which introduced me to women drivers rather too imtimately..."
Current bike: Suzuki GSXR400

Virtual Bike: MV Brutale

Dave A
First Bike:CG125

Current bike: BMW F650GS

Virtual Bike: Buell X3 - "but only virtual; quite happy with the Beemer thanks"

First Bike: Yamaha DT80
Current bike: Suzuki GS500E

Virtual Bike: Kawazaki ZRX1200 Green - although Bassman did specify "RED (of course). (If they did the Green with the larger fairing, I would have that instead)"...and with the power of virtual motorcycle manufacturing - you can.

Ralph, the Janitor
First Bike: Suzuki GS550 "on which I passed my test. I called this one my 'exercise bike', 'cause I'd ride it somewhere and end up pushing it home!"
Current bikes: 1974 Honda CB750 and a Honda CB350 "which is supposed to be my wife's".

Virtual Bike: Polaris Victory V92C/TC

First and Current Bike: Soon to be turbocharged (!) 150cc Suzuki Fiero "my final year project"

Virtual Bike: Two-seater turbo-charged 500cc Sportsbike with "tyres and suspension that make it stick to the road like roadkill".

First Bike: Yamaha RSX100
Current bike: Honda CB1000 Big One, but Ictoan regrets selling his "Honda CB550 Rat with CB900FA Front/Rear end, home made seat and Citroen 2cv Headlamps held on with Meccanno. In bright yellow with fluorescent pink wheels"

Virtual Bike: Rat/Survival Trike - "Mad Max-esque".

Cal Fortuneswell
First Bike: RD250
Current bike: Yamaha 900cc Thunderace

Virtual Bike: Honda RC45

TF - The New Fast Automatic F-Reek
First Bike:
Current bike:

Virtual Bike:

First Bike: XL100 - "I doubt if there are any left, no great loss to the world.."

Current bike: GS400..."its still legal- so long as I can pretend to be a german on holiday!"

Virtual Bike:

The Snockerty Friddle
First Bike: Honda CM125 "(ahh bless it's little rotten swinging arm)"...

Current bike: Suzuki VS600 Intruder. "Had to miss the Reading Meet-Up in order to go and buy it but well worth it."

Virtual Bike: "As above but very cheap, very reliable, never fails MOT, never gets nicked."

Wrinkled Rocker
First Bike: Ridden: Honda C110 (50cc) circa 1968 Owned: Honda XL185 circa 1979.
Current bike: BMW R80/7 1980 model - "Candy"

Virtual Bike: Turbo BMW R1100SS "(with noisy exzorstparp)".

First Bike: Ridden:... "my Dad's old Rajdoot 175 (An Indian version of some Yammy from the 60's / 70's"

Current bike: Suzuki GN 250 "in New Zealand at the mo', also the very first bike I have ever owned"...

Virtual Bike: "a small stable, actually : BMW R1150GS, Triumph Speed Triple and a H-D FLSTS Heritage Springer".

First Bike:

Current bike: 1982 BMW R-100S "...don't get to ride much but I do love summer morning breakfast runs and chasing leaves in the Pocono Mountains".

Virtual Bike:

the third man
First Bike:

Current Bike:..."my riding days are over, but what memories..."

Virtual Bike: Yamaha TZ250 "from around 1981. I think they were the first water-cooled, but I maybe wrong."

Bob the Farmer
First and Current Bike: Yamaha Virago 125 "which looks a f£$k of a lot bigger than 125". We believe you, honest...

Virtual Bike: "ooh, what will it be, V-Max or V-Rod, V-Max or V-Rod, V-Max or V-Rod, V-Max or V-Rod, V-Max or V-Rod, ummmm, It'll have to be the 'rod, but a custom matt black version. doh, but i'll have the 'max as a spare."

Antipodean Grease Monkey
First Bike:

Current Bike: "Hondasaurus Rex, the 750/4 that doesn't know when its extinct..."

Virtual Bike: "There can be only two, either an endurance-spec Moriwaki VTR Thou', or a Britten (of which I am TOTALLY unworthy)..."

First Bike: 250 AJS "at age 11. Had to bump start it, as I couldn't reach the ground while sat on it!!"

Current Bike: Buell X1 "The silly grin NEVER dissappears. At last, a Harley that goes, stops [and] handles. And it only took 'em 100 years!!"

Virtual Bike: Buell X1 "with a V-rod lump. A harley that goes, stops, handles, AND is reliable? Something HD/Buell will never make."

First bike: 1982 BMW R80/7 "with an RS-fairing, ex-police bike, bought in '89, sold '99 after aprx. 50000 kms."

Current Bike: 2000 BMW R1100RT "black, named Sleipner, bought April '00, only 35000 kms now, many more planned."

Virtual bike(s): BMW K1200GT, BMW R1100S BoxerCup Replica, and thanks to the rather large virtual garage provided free to every MC member - every Spagthorpe (wow!) ever made.

Vicki Virago
First (and second) Bike: 1. S reg XS250 Yamaha 2. D reg Eliminator 400 Kawasaki

Current Bike: Virago 535 "(ooooh she's just great)".
Virtual Bike: The biggest, baddest, Harley available.

First Bike: "My first bike ever was a Honda Cub (!) but my first proper bike was a Yamaha RD350"
Current Bike: Honda Transalp 650
Virtual Bike:

Jonathan Groves
First Bike and Current Bike: 2001 Honda Africa Twin XRV750 - "NOT a fair-weather bike - got mine about a year ago and done 12,500 miles in the UK climate!"
Virtual Bike:

Alias John
First Bike: SR125 "for 4 weeks until I passed my test".
Current Bike: Yamaha 535 Virago "- it is a bit battered as I crashed it 2 days after I got it. Damn the precipitation in this country. Must admit that I can't blame the accident on anyone else as I was the only one involved in it....."
Virtual Bike:

Greybeard the Pirate
First Bike: Honda CD175 "light twin (K-reg - 71/72?) bought in 73...a great little commuter and also managed to transport me from Cornwall to Bournemouth and then on to Essex and through the Netherlands, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg (in November!)"
Current Bike: Kawasaki ZX-10 "which is very exciting ;-)"
Virtual Bike: Marine Turbine Technologies Y2K "powered by a Rolls-Royce gas turbine (Spey?) and costs a mere US$150,000. Fantastic in a straight line, but not so hot on the corners."

First Bike:

Current Bikes: Indian Royal Enfield (army issue) "and a brilliant little Honda CG 125, which once went for about 250 miles without oil, and still refused to break down."

Virtual Bike:

Paul RD250LC Rider
First Bike: MZ 125 "To pass my test on. Which I didn't coz I adjusted the fuel/air mixture and it blew up."

Current Bike: Yamaha RD250LC "A bit slow, but great for corners."

Virtual Bike: Yamaha V-max with Turbo "Fast, but crap for corners."

First Bike: Yamaha TY-80 "then a Suzuki GP125 for the road".

Current Bike: Honda CB750 K2.

Virtual Bike: Proton 1000cc "two-stroke that was featured in Bike magazine last month but I cannae remember any more details". we need any more details?

First Bike: CZ 125 "the finest motorcycle ever to emerge from Czechoslovakia".

Current Bike: Kawasaki ER-5 "recent purchase - any advice gladly received".

Virtual Bike: "any one which comes with a blind-van-driving-pillock-detector (can't be that hard in this day and age)." Ah, how sweet it is to dream...

First Bike: "a red 85 honda nifty fifty, with dragons painted on the side and ivy up the front, does that count?" Yep, sure does...

Current Bike: Honda SCOOPY 2003 49cc "4 stroke fluid cooled engine cream and silver with a brown leather look seat. So quiet, so (cool smiley) (drool smiley)"

Virtual Bike:

First Bike: Yamaha 100 "I can't remember the exact model, but it was old when I got it in 1971."

Current Bike: 1984 Honda Shadow 500

Virtual Bike: 1986 Honda Shadow 1100 "in pristine condition, and with all the custom add ons."

First Bike: "The first bike I *really* rode was a Suzuki 185 trailbike. The first bike I ever owned and rode legally was a Honda CB250 (the original one - *shudder*). But I don't like to talk about it!"

Current Bike: Guzzi 850T; Honda CX500; Honda CX650; Guzzi Monza 500; another Monza 500; BMW 800/7; Suzuki GN250 (pause for breath) "I like working on them almost as much as I like riding them!" Lucky, that.... ;-)

Virtual Bike: "Vincent Black Shadow. (But it's painted red, only ever sold in the US market.) I also have 2 other virtual bikes, a Vindian and a Norvin, but they are still being restored in my virtual garage."

First bike: Honda CB200. "It led a dogs life, but was cleaned EVERY day. Eventually sold it to my cousin who fitted a 175 head and destroyed it."

Current bike: "I'm on my 3rd VFR. This one's a Black 800 injection (the others were red but the Mrs banned red after an accident). Being a rufty tufty biker I didn't name the bike ("Avel Du" but don't tell)."

Virtual bike: Black JPS colours Norton F1. "Any would do but preferably Mr Nations. I'll never forget the sound of the bike and the sight of Knock Kneed Trevor riding onesmiley - rofl"

First bike: "Honda . It was old 25 years ago. Then A Kwaka KH100, cor, getting bigger, then a Kwaka LTD250 when they first appeared on the market, what a joy."

Current bike: "Virago 125, even more of a joy and yes it does look a lot bigger, well it will do when I get the L plates off."

Virtual bike: "Dunno yet, perhaps a 1700 Warrior, but I've only got short legs. Still if it's virtual I can be as tall as I want." Indeed you can...or the bike can be as short as you like...

First Bike: Suzuki 50.
Later Bikes: Bonneville, Apex 50, Kawasaki KZ 750 LTD, Honda VFR 750.
Current Bike: Honda VFR 800.

Virtual Bike: DuHonda Davidson 1000 "Super-sport-tourer-cruiser, Bars adjustable from clip-on to easy rider, fuel under seat, oil in swing arms, V5 Honda motor, helmet/glove compartment in fake fuel tank, movable footrest/controls fore and aft, neon glow lights all over, flashing glow bolts, titanium frame, weight 166kg, 145 HP, James Bond type changing number plate". Crikey!

First Bike: Yamaha XT 250 (still mine, still running)

Current Bike: Honda XL600V Transalp PD06 - my beloved one.
Virtual Bike: Ducati Monster "I just need a sponsor. Three bikes...!"

First Bike: 83 Yamaha 650cc Seca

Current Bike: 02 Harley Davidson 1200cc Sportster

Virtual Bike: Yogabike 1472-1/2cc

First Bike:

Current Bike:

Virtual Bike:

First Bike: n/a "(learned on Honda CG125, but didn't we all? smiley - blush)"

Current Bike: n/a

Virtual Bike: "Something lean and Italian maybe?" WARNING: OBVIOUS EDITOR RESPONSE AHEAD: Yeah me too...and I'd like a nice bike as well...

John Lickman
First Bike: 125cc Vespa Scooter. "It was seventh hand and 14 years old and I paid a tenner for it. However, it taught me the basics of riding and motorcycle mechanics and how to survive when you’re not very good at either"

Current Bike: Honda VTR1000 "which I’ve owned since 1997 (the year it was launched) and which I’ve kept because I can’t find a better bike to replace it. It’s very fast, very loud and very yellow!"

Virtual Bike:

First Bike: Honda CB125, "second was a Jap import Honda Bros"

Current Bike: Honda Hornet 600 "- hmmm there's a trend here, I obviously like my Hondas!"

Virtual Bike: "Depending on my mood for the day I'd ride either a Harley Sportster (in turquoise) or a Buell Lightning (matt black). Chilled out and mean/mischevious moods respectively!"...So much for that trend...

Formerly Fred
First bike: 1955 Harley Hummer 125 CC 2 cycles

Best bike: 1957 Harley Sportster

Other bikes: "yada..yada..yada"

Current bike: 250CC Yamaha Virago

Virtual bike: "Ducati, of course"

First bike: Honda Mini Melody

Current bike: Yamaha XV750se "of 1981 vintage".

Virtual bike:

First bike: "Never been on a bike before (pushbikes aside)... Even just contemplating a bike licence has already made me more aware as a car driver of keeping an eye out for bikes on the road (and that a lot of car drivers got their licenses from a box of Cornflakes). No bike as yet, just currently reading up on all things bike. A CB250 maybe in the next 6 months once I get my "L"s (if I'm not scared wit-less the first time I throw a leg over) and maybe a RVF400 sometime later in the future. "

Virtual bike:

TB Falsename
First bike: "I done gone did get a shadow, but had to swap it for a VL125 Intruder as the 600cc engine is too big for the training school I'm learning at and I can't sit on their crappy VanVans"

Current bike: Suzuji VL125 Intruder

Virtual bike: Honda Valkyrie Rune "one of the Candy Black Cherry coloured ones"

Editor's Note: Sadly Mike passed away on 16 September 2009.

First bike: Honda C90, eons ago. Couldn't indicate and accelerate at the same time.

Current bike: BMW 650 GS, black, answers to the name of Zucchero.

Virtual bike: A Star Wars speedo, with a cuddly Ewok on the front as a mascot.

First bike: AJS DD100E Regal Raptor

Current bike: as above

Virtual bike: Harley Davidson Fatboy.

First bike:

Current bike:

Virtual bike: Triumph Trophy 1200.

First bike: Honda CD175

Current bike: 1987 Bonnie, 2000 sportster

Virtual bike: Maybe a hardtail bobber, as long as my virtual kidneys hold out!

morpheus 20170
First bike:

Current bike:

Virtual bike:

First bike:

Current bike:

Virtual bike:

First bike:

Current bike:

Virtual bike:

webby-I'm with stupid
First bike:

Current bike:

Virtual bike:

First bike:

Current bike:

Virtual bike:

old biker
First bike: Honda 50

Current bike: Honda 700 Deauville

Virtual bike: Honda Goldwing

First bike: Kaisar 125cc (Cheap chinese import)

Current bike: Suzuki Bandit Mk4 650GSF

Virtual bike: custom streetfighter... mmmmmm....

First Bike: [ridden] Yamaha 125 (Borrowed = Toyota Corona with hairline crack in engine block. Florida summer riding! Tough to explain to owner how I wrecked trying to chase down license of tourist who almost killed two bikers by driving ~between~ us!) First Bike: [owned] Kawasaki Ninja 250 (Plasma Blue) which almost turned me into a statistic at exactly one month and 930.8 miles of riding. Got right back in the saddle (after insurance settlement) and ditched the 'crotch rocket' for a 'cruiser.'

Current Bike: Honda CBR 750 Nighthawk (black) with a Betty Boop decal on the front fender. Betty has been a wonderful (slower) ride to and from work, along a very scenic two-lane road that winds through woods and a river valley. She avoids deer, possums, skunks, frogs, and lazy drivers who swing wide on the curves. Betty carries a good-sized handbag (trunk) suitable for a book bag (Lunch!) or my helmet (between rides).

Virtual Bike(s): BMW R16 (yesterday, because my Opa used to ride one); BMW S1000RR (today, because it's top-of-the-line new); Yamaha Deus Ex Machina (tomorrow, because of the sheer thrill of 'being one with the machine').

Honourary Club Members

Honourary members are those who don't ride / have never ridden, but who are bike enthusiasts or have contributed to the club in some way. Honourary members can still nominate a virtual bike, though...

A non-rider - H2G2 MC's first honourary member, Abi kindly promoted the opening of the clubhouse, and has a section of track named after her in the H2G2 sprint.
Virtual Bike:

Demon Drawer
Demon Drawer contributed the entry on that great man, Joey Dunlop, and is "a bike enthusiast. Having written three bike related reports for the h2g2 post. I'm also a past pillion member of the Christian Motorbikers Association".
Virtual Bike: "Joey's 125 on which he won his last TT"

John-the-gardner "once had a very vivid dream that I was riding a really wicked chopper... front-wheel drive...Perhaps an associate membership would be in order, while I save up for a bike".
Virtual Bike: A front-wheel drive chopper!!!

Platypus 2
"Twenty two years ago, I first started riding pillion with my boyfriend on his Suzuki 750, we did lots of touring around NSW, and then upgraded to a Yamaha XJ900...until someone pointed out the smell was our paniers burning due to the incorrect mufflers that had been fitted..."
Virtual Bike: Pond_Rat offered Platypus 2 a ride:

I've usually a spare virtual seat,

for a known friend from a local meet.

Dear Platypus can sling on with me,

Our virtual bike will set us both free.

Kristina the Flamenco Dancer
The fiery proprietress of A734249

Virtual Bike: Pond_Rat committed the sin of sitting in Kristina's chair, and Kristina made him guarantee her a pillion spot on the back of his Monster 900...Pond_Rat isn't sure if that is actually punishment...BadZen reckons it's more of a punishment for Kristina!

The MC's resident "nurse", Gwennie is all too willing to minister her particular style of health-care to injured riders, as BadZen found out on one visit to A734249. On race days, mechanics warn riders "If you hurt the bike, Gwennie will be fixing you up"...

Virtual Bike:

An extremely talented and inventive milkshake-maker and polisher.

Virtual Bike: Hesketh Vortan...apparently this 1000cc beast has a 2 year waiting list, and only 14 are made a year.

European Rally enthusiast!

Virtual Bike: "nice small bike engined trike".

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