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Will try not to get to heavy on the depression side of things but felt it would be good to let some feelings on the subject out sometimes.
Please read my guide entries relating to this subject.




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My main musical preferences are rock but a smattering of everthing else as well. Big Queen fan since the age of 13, 20 years now! Also Bowie, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Muse, list goes, also quite into british/american folk music (please no Irish always so twee!).

This is a link to a great site for Queen fans kept regularly up to date by Brian himself.

Link to the Official Queen site Queen Online Queen news and more.

Link to the Official Queen Fan Club site Queen Fan Club Queen news chat and more.

This is a link to Queen + Paul Rogers site set up for the Queen and Paul Rogers Tour.

This is a link to Ghost of a Smile site dedicated to Brian May and Roger Taylor's pre Queen band.

H2G2 Queen Fan Club
The show must go on!
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Triumph Bonneville

Here is a list of my bikes in chronological order

Honda Mini Melody - 50cc scooter, my first bike crappy but a laugh, my parents bought it for me to try and put me off bikes, unfortunately it didn't work.

Honda H100S - 100cc Two stroke commuter, I crashed this whilst trying to ride hands free and fly with my arms out stretched.2

Honda Superdream - 250cc commuter which I ratted, I crashed this a week after getting it by running into the back of a learner in a Metro who did an emergency stop sommersalted right over the Metro and landed in the road in front.4

Superdream Rat Picture here Superdream Rat outside my flat Summer 1994.

Kawasaki Z750 - Crappy semi customised 4 cylinder pile of poo(should have stuck with the Superdream), eventuially scrapped.

Kawasaki Tengai - 650cc single trailee ratted and renamed the Mutant Mushroom,(long tale may tell it sometime.) hence my online nick name. I blew the cyclinder head up on this but repaired it and it was a wonderful bike after that.5

Mutant Mushroom Picture here Mutant Mushroom at the Bulldog Bash 2000.

Kawasaki GT550 no.1 - used when I was a dizzy in London (blew up and scrapped)

Kawasaki GT550 no.2 - used when I was a dizzy in London, crashed but repaired.

Trike - based on a 850cc Robin Reliant 6, purchased to travel to Cornwall to see the 1999 Eclipse but Debbie passed her bike test so she went on her XJR. Have a look at Trikes

Yamaha XJR400cc - 4 cylinder streetfighter belonged to my first wife previously.

Triumph Trophy - 900cc Triple sports/tourer insanely fast,heavy but fun.

Yamaha XV750se - current bike early jap V twin currently under going repairs due to exhaust problem.
Update Summer 2005, the XV has been up and running for the whole of the summer, it has been great although I haven't been out on it as much as I would like."

Some Bike Links

Rat Bike Zone Rat Bike Zone I hear that says that Rat Bikes Rule!

Motorcycle Action Group MAG Bikers rights, join so you can keep riding.

Motorcycle Action Group SE Region SE MAG MAG for SE England.

Bikersweb Bikersweb on line biker magazine.

Man riding a motorbike

Paganism and Wicca

A Witch

I am currently investing time in my spiritual side. As I develop more I will expand on this area more here.

Other Stuff

Some information about me.

My name is Simon, I was born in Pembury Hospital in 1971, I worked and lived in Pembury Hospital during my nurse training (I actually lived in what was an old workhouse, a creepy experience). As you can guess from this I'm a nurse, I completed my training in 1993. I have worked in various specialities and I am currently working for a nurse advice line as a trainer.
I am married to 'M' a Filipina we met whilst we were both working in Accident and Emergency (this is my second marriage please see this entry A3744362). We have a daughter 'N' who is two years old. We have three cats as well - Poppy - Pheobe - Jasmine - who mainly spend their lives sleeping, eating, fighting each other, fighting all the neighbours cats, crapping, shedding hair (particularly Poppy), getting under our feet, getting pulled about by "N" and sleeping (they do a lot of this, a cats life for me.)


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"What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason! how infinate in faculty! in form, in moving, how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world!the paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? man delights not me; nor woman neither, though by your smiling, you seem to say so." Shakespeare Hamlet Act II, Sc. II.
1Site designed in Classic Goo and it looks best viewed in Classic Goo!2Someone has done an entry about the 3H100S3not strictly accurate4I thought at the time I had broken my left wrist, it was rather embarrassing as I had to attend the Accident and Emergency Dept. that I had just finished working in as a student nurse. It was only a sprain though.5Tengai, nicknamed fungi by local bike dealer, an altered fungi (as in customised) is a Mutant Mushroom!6Also known as a plastic pig, three wheel car with fibreglass body, often used by bikers as you could drive it on your bike licence without taking a car test and some disabled drivers.


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