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MZ is a make of motorcycle. They were small two strokes that originated in the former East Germany. Riding one of these small two stroke machines made one an 'outcast' among many mainstream bikers, a type of rebellious outcast that Hells Angels could only dream of.

Consequently MZ Riders tended to be more liberal and open minded than the average 'how fast does it go mister' main stream biking fraternity.

I still ride an MZ. It is no longer a small two stroke, but has a big single cylinder four stroke motor. Still different enough from the multitude though.

I am not a born again biker. In my forty plus years of motorcycling I kept the faith. Twenty five years ago I could ride miles into the Yorkshire Dales without seeing another motorcyclist, and that was at the weekend! Today, well any day and there are always some about.

Next year is bus pass year. Living in an area or reasonable public transport this will not be a wasted accessory.

So, what have I worked out for myself in my three score years on this planet. Well the following:

ALL religions are a load of b-------ks.

GOD lit the blue touch paper for the big bang, stood back and observed what happened.

Racism is a load of b-------ks based on basic biological ignorance. As well as using DNA to solve cold criminal cases it should be used more to point out that differences in the human race are so minuscule and insignificant that anyone using the differences for intolerant purposes must be locked up as a loony.

The cock up theory is more correct than the conspiracy theory.

No system of performance related payments, bonuses, call it what you will, ever works beyond maybe bit of initial enthusiasm. In those cases it is generally the enthusiasm doing the driving, the performance related part usually puts the brakes on.

I am happy to be a Guardian (everyday) reading liberal.

Look for the good in everybody. Still trying with Saddam though. Hitler was kind to animals. Note: looking for the good side of the bad guy is not a justification of actions. Rather it reminds one that there is likely to be a dark side to the good guys.

Well, that will do for starters. I will save my other opinions for another time.

<b>Moving On</b>

I now have the bus pass. Great, one gets on the bus, gets a ticket and no money passes. After having to fork out over £100 on a new tyre because of a puncture every little saving helps.

Some other observations:

I supported the invasion of Iraq not realising that the USA could make such a mess of the peace. I suspect I share this with Tony Blair.

People moan about the government, but when asked how they have been adversely affected in the last ten years are usually stuck for an honest answer.

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