The H2G2 Sprint

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The H2G2 Sprint.

This is a racetrack, sponsored by the H2G2 Motorcycle Club and is dedicated to the memory of Douglas Adams without whom none of this would be possible.

It's just a bit of fun to explore the possibilities of virtual racing around a virtual track. The idea is to complete the H2G2
sprint track in the shortest time.

There are obviously major differences in speed between the types of
system used to connect to this site so this gives four classes of race. These are Dialup, ADSL, ISDN and Megastream+. I'll trust you to enter the correct catagory. smiley - ok

How to Play

    To start a race, start a new message to this page to
    say what bike you are riding, what connection you are using (Dialup,
    Slow Dialup, ADSL etc) and what time you started including seconds.
    The connection type you specify here will determin what class you
    are entering.

    Post the message, and return to this page

    Click on the "Next Section" link and you will move on to the next part of the sprint course.

    As quick as you can, read the description of the track section, and start a new message, just to say, in the message title, what time (including seconds) that you started that message.

    Go to step 3 and repeat this process until you reach the finish.

    At the finish, post your final time (including seconds) and your position will be posted on the leaderboard for your class of connection.

May the best life form (carbon based or otherwise) win.

At this time, the scoring system is only set up for single laps. There maybe scope to later increase this for endurance races

Have you posted the message? ... then Go Go Go ...

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