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Postage stamps from around the world.Postage StampsA collection of coins.CoinsA selection of charity pin badges. BadgesA selection of bookmarks.BookmarksSome marbles.MarblesHM Queen Elizabeth II.Queen's Jubilee
This is a vinyl record, not yet obsolete, though rarely with a weird chick on it anyway.Vinyl RecordsMonopoly Board GameA metal thimble on a thumbThimblesA buxom lady wading in the water at the seaside.PostcardsGuitarsSmall, glazed figurines of puppies, kittens and a rabbit.Wade Whimsies

h2g2 Collector's Corner

The above are just some of the things people collect.

There are many different reasons why people collect the items and objects that they collect. Some for their value, some for the want of a hobby, some for the historical value, or just because they happen to like the items or objects. Whichever the reason it's more often than not the females who are the collectors, maybe this stems from the times when the women were the gatherers, while men were the hunters. A couple of men gave unusual answers to the question 'What do you collect?' - Mu Beta's reply was 'Dust', while Reddyfreddy said 'Experience' (don't give up your day jobs lads).

Books and Games

  • MazinMadFiddler collects books on King Arthur and Arthurian Legend; currently has 60 –70 in a mixture of both Fiction and Non-Fiction.

  • MazinMadFiddler has a collection of Bird Field Guides.

  • MazinMadFiddler also collects Rupert Bear Annuals including the Facsimile edition. He currently has 16 conventional, two original and six Facsimile Annuals.

  • Cunningly disguised as an adult has a complete collection of Stephen King novels.

  • B'Elana Collects books; any books that take her fancy for any reason.

  • dyspraxicrallydriver has a collection of music books.

  • MazinMadFiddler collects Monopoly board games and currently has around 20, including; French, American, Australian, Millennium, Fifa 2000, Star Wars and Here and Now.


  • STRANGELY STRANGE has a collection of the Queen's Golden Jubilee commemorative items, which include paper plates, leaflets and a polystyrene cup from a special event and unopened special Golden Jubilee edition packs of crisps and two special edition Golden Jubilee bottles of beer.

  • Also collected by STRANGELY STRANGE is Millennium memorabilia, including: a rubber dog's toy in the shape of a 'Millennium Bug', party paraphernalia such as banners and paper napkins and paper plates, as well as pamphlets warning of the dire risks of the millennium bug.

Health and Beauty

  • Granny Weatherwax collects vintage and antique hair ware.

Home and Garden

  • tibbysoo1 collects 50's kitchen ware.

  • Venus collects Portmierion botanic garden pottery and plants.

Jewellery and Metals

  • MazinMadFiddle collects cufflinks. He currently has an assortment of 50 pairs; his goal to have different pair for every day of the year.

  • Granny Weatherwax collects Prinknash pewter glaze pottery.

  • MazinMadFiddle collects selective and special issues of British Mint £2:00, £1:00 and 50p coins.

Music and Entertainment

  • Nogbad collects guitars and old amps

  • psychocandy collects DVDs, videos, CDs, vinyl records and cassettes – entertainment in any format. She currently has about 800 movies and a couple thousand albums in various formats. All stored in alphabetical order.


  • MazinMadFiddle, a long-time collector of pin badges, has approximately 2,000. Made up of a mixture of both the original pin back, known as the button badge and the butterfly-back pin badge.

  • Emmily is a relatively new collector of pin badges and selectively collects only the butterfly-back type and currently has 73.

  • Cunningly disguised as an adult has a collection of badges.

  • childoftheseventies collects pin badges and bookmasks.

  • Clive the flying Ostrich has a collection of approximately 60 novelty pencil sharpeners. I don't collect them anymore but still have pangs of interest seeing them on sale when passing through souvenir shops.

  • psychocandy collects 'unusual' fridge magnets.

Paper Chase

Quite a few hootoo Researchers collect postcards, and some of those have joined Postcrossing after reading Postcrossing - The Postcard Crossing Project.

  • Cunningly disguised as an adult has a collection of postcards. Although she no longer goes out of her way to buy postcards to add to her collection, she keeps those sent to her.

  • MazinMadFiddle became a born-again postcard collector after joining Postcrossing.

  • Venus has hers dad's collection of old and interesting postcards.

  • psychocandy collects postcards, mainly only keep ones she's been sent, as opposed to buying them.

  • BigAl has saved every postcard he's ever been sent. The inspiration to collect post cards came from BigAl's childhood; his parents had postcard albums with pictures of London with guardsmen outside Buckingham Palace etc, which stimulated his interest/imagination. His collection is like a picture diary of all his friends/relatives movements. He also purchased at least one postcard from every new place (town/village/tourist attraction) that he visited. BigAl's intention is to organise all his post cards into scrapbooks when he retires (what a lovely idea BigAl).

  • Chris collects Ordnance Survey Maps. He currently has about 20, his goal is to collect all 204 of the Landranger (pink) series.

  • MazinMadFiddler collects Ordinance Survey Maps. He has about 15, his goal is to have the full set of 204 of the Landranger (pink) series by 2013 for his grand tour of the UK.

  • BigAl has a collection of Brooke Bond Tea Cards, which includes the first set printed which was actual photographs of wild flowers - very collectible. He ceased collecting the cards when Brooke Bond aimed for a different market, with a series of 'Teenage Ninja Turtles' etc, and when he married Mrs BA, Brook Bond was not her cup of tea. BigAl also has a small collection of cigarette cards.

  • Sho collects concert tickets from venues she attends, frames them in groups of about eight in A4 size picture frames, and hangs them in her hall-way. (A nice way to remember those nights out).

  • Brown Eyed Girl collects all concert and theatre tickets from everything she goes go to see. They are currently on her notice board - it looks a little odd, having The Tempest next to Death Cab for Cutie, and We Will Rock You on the other side. She intends to make a collage out of them and frame it as a really modern sort of feature to hang in a room.

  • magwitch has collected gig (concert) tickets from everyone she has been to. Some are in cd sleeves (when the band toured on the back of an album), some are in frames with the gig poster, nicked on the day/night the majority, however are in an envelope on top of me amp!

  • psychocandy collects ticket stubs from films and concerts she's been to.

  • psychocandy also collects Mexican Day of the Dead paraphernalia.

  • BigAl collects stamps, but this involves just storing them in a cardboard box at the moment. He intends to organise them when he retires.

  • MazinMadFiddle collects fiddle/violin ephemera.


  • BigAl collects his old credit cards with pictures of cars on them.

  • tibbysoo1 collects plastic figures, including those from 'Magic Roundabout', 'Gremlins' and 'Star Wars'.

Porcelain and China

  • Granny Weatherwax collects Price Kensington Cottage Ware.

  • Cunningly disguised as an adult has a collection of Wade Whimsies, accumulated since she was young and encouraged to collect them by her mum.

  • Emmily is a born-again Wade Whimsies collector. She used to collect them as a teenager, but left them behind when she moved to Scotland. She returned to England a couple years later, and started collecting Whimsies again several years later. She has around 70 in her collection, including a set of original whimsies, known as 'First Whimsies'.

  • Sho collects espresso cups.

  • psychocandy collects tiki mugs.

  • Emmily collects chocolate branded mugs.

  • tibbysoo1 collects painted 20's to 50's crockery.

  • Emmily has a collection of egg cups, and a collection of 'Little Person' cup and egg cup sets.

Rocks, Stones and Pebbles

  • Venus collects semi precious stones.

  • Dyspraxicrallydriver collects pebbles of all varieties, colours and themes.


  • Steve K collect items for use in 3D computer animation - models (buildings, cars, props), motion capture files, sound effects, music (film score type), animatable human and animal figures, special effect generators, etc.

  • Traveller in Time collects computers. He has working examples from nearly every age. The Personal computer kind that is not the room filling supercomputer type.

Teddies and Soft Toys

  • Cynthesis collects teddy bears. She has over 150 including old classic Steiffs, 1984 Moscow Olympics mascots, brown, black, wooly, cheesy carnival prize hued, grizzly, polar, koala, Paddington, different themed bears; disco, conductor, Grateful dead(Deadhead), ninja, sailor, spacesuit clad.

  • Venus has a collection of 40-50 Garfields, all with beady eyes that watch me sleeping.

  • tibbysoo1 collects Sooty puppets and soft toys, and Harry Corbett (Sooty's puppeteer) memorabilia.

  • tibbysoo1 also collects nice teddies.

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