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Living so long in an unpopular arm of the galaxy (ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha) and to make matters worse, without digital television in an age when sci-fi was becoming really popular again, I pounced on every episode of any kind of sci fi I could find and devoured it completely. The result left me addicted to sci-fi trivia, so much that at university I was banned for life from the sci fi quizes for always winning. As a consequence I was the perfect candidate for the role of quiz master, writing and presenting the annual sci-fi quiz. In the spirit of competition (we wanted to win) I was allowed back on the team for the inter-university sci-fi quiz. The A Team van
Star Trek - The Project


If you're waiting for me to reply to a posting, don't worry. I usually have a few entries on the go at a time.


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Current Main projects

I'm currently starting a community project called Star Trek - The Project. There isn't much on Star Trek in H2G2, so I thought I'd add one. It is based losely on the principles of The Cathederal of Terry Pratchett.

I've also added a few resources for prospective contributors to take advantage of. Check out the main page for more details.

Current Sub projects

Nothing at the moment but I am now more active in The Cathedral of Terry Pratchett.

Last Main project

My Computers in Science Fiction project is finally complete! Phew, what a rollercoaster. It includes the entries on: TV, Movies, Books, Contemporary movies, androids, robots and cyborgs. Each has it's own entry. It took ages. It's not a definitive guide to the computers, just an exploration of their evolution.

My guide to Temporal Mechanics is finally in the EG! Queue much celebration and asprin (you'll understand when you read it!).


h2g2as: Charting the Uncharted Backwaters of the Universe

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My PlacesComputers In Science FictionStar Trek - The ProjectThe Temple of I.D.I.C.The Cathederal of Terry PratchettThe Atlantic_Cable CollectionMy Sub-Editing PlacesSub-Editors HomepageEnglish Usage in the Edited GuideUsing Approved GuideML in the Edited GuideThe GuideML Clinic

Check out: The Avenue of Small Gods

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Aut tace aut loquere meliora silencio

    - only when the words outperform silence.

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Favourite Phrase

Currently my favourite phrase is:

During the space race, the Americans spent $2 million and 5 years developing a pen that would write in outer space at boiling and freezing temperatures and in a vacuum.

The Russians took a pencil1.

Favourite Motto

From the h2g2 Society of Time Travellers:

'Please try not to kill your own grandfather'


"I remember when this introduction used to be one paragraph long."
1There is a similar annecdote: When the Russians were designing Buran, their copy of the American Space Shuttle, they were faced with a decision. Build three highly complex, robust and re-usable engines on the back of the shuttle, or place four "one-off" disposable engines on the base of the fuel tank2. They went for option B. They also came up with a feasability studty that showned that the shuttle was a highly inefficient and expensive way to get into space. Which is why it only flew once. Without crew.2The logic is clever, after all, why pump the fuel from the external tank into the shuttle to burn it, when you can simply pump it to the bottom of the fuel tank itself?


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