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H2G2 Entries referenced in books and academic journals

H2G2 entries are occasionally referenced in books and in academic papers, sometimes as an example of language use, other times as a source of information. The following list is based on a search in Google Scholar for "h2g2"; it includes books, and articles published in printed journals which are also available online. It does not include term papers, dissertations, theses or self-published books.

Some academic articles are only available to subscribers or via academic libraries, so not all these links will work for all users.

A3421045 - Computer Animation

Adam, F. and Humphreys, P. (2008)
Encyclopedia of Decision Making and Decision Support Technologies

Information Science Reference

A1091350 - How to understand statistics

Beales, D. L. (2007)
The Pharma in the Dell
Journal of Hospital Librarianship

Volume 7, Number 4, Pages 1-14

A798564 - May you live in interesting times

Bell, B. W. (2002)
Judging in interesting times: the free speech clause jurispudence of justice
Catholic University Law Review

2002 52: 893.

A786413 - Oedipus - a Complex Character

Caine, P. (2008)
Marvellous Bodies? Strange Sex(es)? – Fantastic Genre in Recent French Fiction
Forum for Modern Language Studies

44: 427-444, October 1, 2008

A775893 - Principles of Language Testing

Chantarasorn et al. (2003)
The achievement in English language learning of medical students

Volume 12, December 2003

A878204 - Being a mistress

Cheshire, J. (2008)
Still a gender-biased language?
English Today 93 Cambridge University Press

Vol. 24, No. 1 (March 2008)

A425800 - Do-It-Yourself Fairy Tale Kit

Recommended by

Cleaver, P.
Writing a Children's Book: How to Write for Children and Get Published

How To Books Ltd

A713891 - Charles Addams - Cartoonist

Cooper, Sara E. and Martínez, Rosa A. (2008)
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
Journal of Lesbian Studies

Vol 12 No 2, pp 315 — 320

A2903663 - French Secularism

Courchêne, R. (2007)
Teaching Religion in the Schools: Models to Inform the Canadian Context
Teachers of English as a Second Lanugage of Ontario

Vol 3, No 33, pp 47 - 66

A4429064 - King Leopold II and the Belgian Congo

de Schrijver, G. (2006)
European Colonialism and the Legacy of Enlightenment.
Hapág: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Theological Research

Vol 3, Pages 1-2

A640018 - International Tipping Ettiquette

Fisher, D. (2009)
Grid-group analysis and tourism: tipping as a cultural behavior
Journal of Tourism and Cultural

7:1, 34 — 47

A894620 - John Ridgway - Save the Albatross Voyage 2003-4

Grainger, N. (2007)
Adventure Expedition Communication, Sponsors, and the Internet

presented at
18th Australasian Conference on Information Systems Expeditions, Sponsors and the Internet

5-7 Dec 2007, Toowoomba

A1310950 - Stinging Nettles

Heaven, R. (2008)
The Sin Eater's Last Confession: Lost Traditions of Celtic Shamanism

Llewellyn Publications, U.S.

A4350971 - Saucy seaside postcards—their ups and downs

Hemmingway, J. (2006)
Sexual learning and the seaside: relocating the 'dirty weekend' and teenage girls' sexuality
Sex Education,

Vol 6, No 4, pp 429 — 443

A885062 - Blood, Bandages and Barber Poles

Ibery, N. Patel, P. M. and Robb, P. J. (2006)
Do surgeons wish to become doctors?
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

2006;99: 197-199

A1103798 - The Hippocratic Oath

Kausar, S. and Bradbeer, C. S. (2006)
Risk management: Patient
confidentiality in STIs: current guidance and legal issues

The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

2006; 8: 240–244

A301816 - 'Run Lola Run' - the Film

Lauer, A. R. (2003)
'Run Lola Run' at the Dawn of Postmodernity
SIMILE: Studies In Media & Information Literacy Education

Volume 3, Number 1 / February 2003, Pages 1-9

A708257 - History of Chemistry - Acids and Bases

Lesney, M. S. (2003)
A Basic History of Acid — From Aristotle to Arnold The rise of acid/base theory and its associated instruments transformed chemistry
The American Chemical Society in Today's Chemist at Work

March 2003, pp 47-48

A654969 - The allure of consumerism

McGregor, S. (2005)
The Dynamics of Shared Responsibility: Strategies and Initiatives for Participatory Consumerism.
CCN conference proceedings - Bratislava 2005.

A218837 - How to make yourself a scanning tunnelling microscope

Miller, S. (2003)
Scanning the Web for scanning probe microscopy
Analytical Chemistry

October 1, 2003, pp 433-434

A10832384 - Cocaine - The History and the Risks

Mitchell, A. L. (2006)
Medical Consequences of Cocaine
Journal of Addictions Nursing

17:4, 249.

A432127 - Folk Session Etiquette

O'Shea, H. (2006-7)
Getting to the Heart of the Music: Idealizing Musical Community and Irish Traditional Music Sessions
Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland

2, (2006-7) pp1-18

A12945017 - The Cane Toad - Australia's Amphibian Plague

Shine, R., Greenlees, M, Crossland, M., and Nelson, D. (2008)
The myth of the toad-eating frog
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

A1103798 - The Hippocratic Oath

Sim, F and Mackie, P. (2007)
First do no harm
Public Health
Volume 121, Issue 10, October 2007, Pages 723-724

A2966772 - The Cuyahoga River, Ohio, USA

Taylor, W. W., Schechter, M. G., and Wolfson, L. G. (2007)
Globalization: Effects on Fisheries Resources

Cambridge University Press

A13344969 - Ticks

Thompson, C. (2008)
Ticks (Ixodes Ricinus)
Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine

31:1, 22 — 23

A602939 - Scotch Whisky

Potential Explosion Hazards due to Evaporating Ethanol In Whisky Distilleries

The Government's Health and Safety Lab, Harpur Hill, Buxton

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