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Ever wanted to search H2G2 direct from your Firefox browser?

Everone who uses Mozilla Firefox browser knows that one of the best thing about Firefox is the customisation. And one of the most useful tools is the in built search box at the top right of the browser window. Being able to search sites without first having to visit the site itself. It saves a lot of time.

Well, here's how to customise Firefox yourself to search H2G2!

First open the Firefox folder, usually found in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox

Next create a new text file, and call it h2g2.src, or whatever you want as long as it ends in .src

Then paste in the following:







<input id="searchstring" user>

<input id="sitesearch" value="">

<input id="dosearch.x=11>

<input id="dosearch.y=16>

<input id="dosearch=Search+the+Guide>


Now, that will take care of the search. If you want a picture as well, download a copy of the H2G2 logo and save it as a 16x16 pixel GIF image in the same directory. Make sure you keep the name the same as the text file you just created.

Now just close Firefox and re-open it. Bingo, you've got a handy H2G2 search tool right at your fingertips.

Press Ctrl+K to jump straight to the search box and start searching!

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