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Musical notes surround an old green bottle.This Page is the new offical meeting place of all those who love music. whatever your stlye or instument, we want your views. if your just dying to rant on about the brilliance of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, or you just can't get over Ghetto Gospel by 2pac and Elton John, we're here to listen.

But what this page is really about, is for finding out about great new music. Have you just started a band and want everyone to know about you? Have you found a brilliant band on the net, but nobody's heard of them? Then tell us about them here at The Music Lovers Club so we can all bask in their brilliance and boast to all the people we know that "Oh I heard them ages before they were famous."

Many people are happy to listen to the likes of busted and Sclub7, but personally, I'd rather eat my leg with a spoon. so it's up to all you people out there in the world of H2G2 to search out the best music around and bring it here to The Music Lovers Club. With todays world of Pop Idol winners at No.1 and, well... Busted, you are our only hope of saving the world of music as we know it. Good luck.

so, now that you know what we're all about, on to the serious stuff. I have to admit that I'm really not too great with computers, so if there's anyone out there who could help me make this page a look bit prettier, it would be much appreciated.

If anyone wants to join The Music Lovers Club, just let me know and I'll try and get a list up, or something.

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