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This page contains a list of completed projects for the The h2g2 University in the Faculty of Arts and Entertainment. Projects are listed here if they focus on the following areas:

  • Architecture
  • Art & Design
  • Cinema
  • Literature
  • Photography
  • Modern Languages
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Television Studies

All Researchers who write a project that is 5 articles or more, or make a significant contribution to 5 articles in a project, earn the much-coveted Field Researcher badge!

The American Beatles Albums

Written by: Bluebottle

Animated Asterix Films

Written by: Bluebottle


Written by: Tavaron da Quirm


Written by: Tavaron da Quirm

Beatles Biopics

Written by: Bluebottle

Beatles People:

Written by: Bluebottle

The Blues

Written by: Blues Shark

British Pop Music of the 1980s

Written by: E Vibenstein with Demon Drawer, Dickon, Leeloo, On The Beat Pete & Ormondroyd

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Written by: Bluebottle and Gnomon:

Lord Byron - Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know

Written by: Caper Plip

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Written by: Primord and Smij - Formerly Jimster

The Comic Operas of Gilbert and Sullivan

Written by: Swiv

John Creasey

Written by: Richard Creasey

Dad's Army:

Written by: Bluebottle

Despicable Me:

Written by: SashaQ

Digital Cameras

Written by: Bobstafford

Discworld Games:

Written by: [...]

Doctor Who Enemies:

Written by: CYBERHUMAN, Giford, Spook & Bluebottle

Doctor Who Episode Guide:

Written by: Jimster / Smij with Spook, Paully, GTBacchus & Bluebottle

Film Composers

Written by: The Prophet


Written by: Fizzymouse

French Music

Written by: Kes, Seth of Rabi, Joanna, Kumetanzuka & Azara

The Goons:

Written by: Bluebottle

Greek Myths

Written by: Dastardly

The Halloween Films

Written by: Bluebottle

Hammer Films

Written by: Jimster / Smij

Ray Harryhausen Films

Written by: Bluebottle

Jim Henson

Written by: Bluebottle

History of North American Architecture

Written by: Tavaron da Quirm

The Island of Doctor Moreau

Written by: Bluebottle

Isle of Wight Festival:

Written by: Bluebottle

King Arthur in Literature

Written by: NexusSeven

Language Pronunciation

Written by: Jack Naples:

Leonard Bernstein - Composer:

Written by: Bels

The Lord of the Rings

Written by: Gnomon

The Lord of the Rings Films

Written by: Madent and Gnomon

The Lost World

Written by: Bluebottle

Monty Python

Written by: Danny B, Monty Python, Ormondroyd, vogonpoet, Saint Vidmaster, The Shee, Orcus, fords_prefect, Richard Cranium, TowelMaster, NexusSeven, Bagpuss, Dr E Vibenstein, Zaphod and Arthbard Vootenoy

Narnia Adaptations:

Written by: Bluebottle

New Yorker Magazine

Written by: Leo

The Pink Panther Films

Project Subtitle: Inspector Clouseau, the Return of the Revenge of the Trail of the Curse of the Son of the Shot in the Dark Pink Panther Strikes Again! (Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the film series which just wouldn't die even after Peter Sellers did)

Written by: Bluebottle

Raising a Baby in a Science Fiction Television Series

Written by: Bluebottle

The Christopher Reeve Era Superman Films

Written by: Bluebottle

Mary Shelley

Written by: Fizzymouse

Percy Shelley

Written by: Fizzymouse

Star Trek

Written by: GodBen


Written by: Bluebottle

The Terminator Film Series:

Written by: Bluebottle

Terry Pratchett's Television Adaptations:

Written by: Bluebottle

Ultimate Blue Sky Studios Animated Film Guide:

Written by: Bluebottle

The Ultimate Carry On Film Guide:

Written by: Bluebottle

Ultimate Disney Animated Film Guide:

Written by: Bluebottle

Ultimate DisneyToon Studios Animated Film Guide:

Written by: Bluebottle

Ultimate DreamWorks Animated Film Guide:

Written by: Bluebottle

Ultimate Marvel Film Guide:

Written by: Bluebottle

Ultimate Pixar Animated Film Guide:

Written by: Bluebottle

Ultimate Studio Ghibli Animated Film Guide:

Written by: Bluebottle

The View Askewniverse Films by Kevin Smith:

Written by: Bluebottle with Bondorf Smelman

Walt Disney - The World's Greatest Showman

Written by: Bluebottle

Wartime Animation:

Written by: Bluebottle

Years of Doctor Who

Written by: Summerbayexile

The Years of Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start The Fire'

Written by: Mu Beta

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