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John Creasey (as Gordon Ashe) and Patrick Dawlish

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In 1938 John Creasey lived in a village called Ashe, Hampshire, England. There he created Patrick Dawlish and his pseudonym of Gordon Ashe.

Dawlish was shown as a huge man with a group of hearty, hard-hitting friends, based on the 'Bulldog Drummond' tradition. Drawn by chance into a vicious series of crimes, he decided to solve them himself - thus bringing himself into sharp conflict with the law, represented by the then Chief Inspector Wllliam Trivett. Luckily, Trivett had much more sympathy than most policemen would have had with this tremendous personality, realising that his 'hunches' were really a logical development of ideas, linked together with bewildering speed.

Soon, the war brought a new challenge, and Patrick Dawlish became a powerful and far-famed figure in M15 - Britain's Intelligence Corps. Time after time he dropped into occupied Europe, organising resistance against the hated Nazis. Time after time he spirited prisoners across the English Channel, gaining world-wide renown as a modern Scarlet Pimpernel1. It was during these dangerous, desperate, war-time days that he met and married Felicity; and Trivett (now Superintendent) was able to help him officially in many of his exploits.

The end of the war sent Dawlish into enforced retirement, with his beloved Felicity, and he endeavoured to settle down to the peaceful life of the English countryside, rearing pigs and fowl and growing apples. He no longer went looking for trouble. But trouble sought him out, and gradually he became a kind of unpaid private eye. Often he found himself in conflict with the police; even with Trivett. Felicity had little patience with these anti-crime activities, but eventually, as did Trivett, she came to the conclusion that this was the life Dawlish both loved and needed. Hating crime, he instinctively wanted to help anyone in danger or in trouble.

Out of the blue, he was offered the post of Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Crime at Scotland Yard, his special task being to fight any crime which crossed national and continental borders. Soon he became Britain's delegate to a world police convention which was in constant session, and it was not long before the world came to know these dedicated fighters against crime as the Crime Haters. As with the Dr Cellini books by Michael Halliday, the Crime Haters series gives to a very early John Creasey pseudonym new quality and maturity, so that both the author and his character have reached higher peaks. Yet the early books have a tremendous vitality, which easily enables them to stand comparison.

Original TitleFirst British EditionFirst US editionUS Title if Different
The Speaker1939--
Death on Demand1939--
Terror by Day1940--
Secret Murder1940--
'Ware Danger1941--
Murder Most Foul1941--
There Goes Death1942--
Death in High Places1942--
Death in Flames1943--
Two Men Missing1943--
Rogues Rampant1944--
Death on the Move1945--
Invitation to Adventure1946--
Here is Danger1946--
Give Me Murder1947--
Murder Too Late1947--
Engagement with Death1948--
Dark Mystery1948--
A Puzzle in Pearls1949--
Kill or Be Killed1949--
The Dark Circle1951--
Murder with Mushrooms1950--
Death in Diamonds1951--
Missing or Dead?1952--
Death in a Hurry1952--
Sleepy Death1953--
The Long Search19531954Drop Dead
Death in the Trees1954--
Double for Death19541969-
The Kidnapped Child*19551971-
Day of Fear1956--
Wait for Death19571972-
Come Home to Death19581959The Pack of Lies
Elope to Death1959--
Don't Let Him Kill19601960The Man Who Laughed at Murder

The Crime Hater series

Original TitleFirst British EditionFirst US edition
The Crime Haters19611960
Rogues' Ransom19621961
Death from Below19631968
The Big Call1964-
A Promise of Diamonds19651964
A Taste of Treasure19661966
A Clutch of Coppers19671969
A Shadow of Death1968-
A Scream of Murder19691970
A Nest of Traitors19701971
A Rabble of Rebels19711972
A Life for a Death1972-
A Herald of Doom1973-
A Blast of Trumpets1974-
A Plague of Demons1975-

* Changed for paperback reprint in England to The Snatch.

Where no date is given, US publication is likely by Holt, Rinehart and Winston after John Creasey's revision.

1The foppish English nobleman who rescued French Aristocrats during the French Revolution, created by Baroness Orczy.

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