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There are 21 titles originally as by Jeremy York with some 'Halliday' titles published in the US also as by Jeremy York to avoid conflict with Brett Halliday and first published 1942.

As revealed in the entry about Michael Halliday, the pseudonym of Jeremy York grew out of that pen-name. The early books were much longer than most, possessed a much more traditional novel quality, and led to the creation of Superintendent Folly, one of Creasey's less known but potentially most successful characters. Folly invariably appears on the scene of a country house crime half-way through the story. Using his own particular brand of deduction and detection, he swiftly, competently and dramatically solves the problem.

There is much less violence and action in these books than in most by Creasey, and considerably more characterisation than in his earlier stories. The Sunday Times once said of a Folly book: 'Jeremy York has the distinction of leading a field in which Agatha Christie is a runner' - a very great tribute indeed.

By 1950 the York books began to change; the deduction, the detection, and the characterisation were still there par excellence, but there was an added tension and suspense. But it was not until 1964 that Superintendent Folly was 'discovered' as a character by Macmillan's in New York.

As he was launched there, he was revived in England by Lythway Press and Corgi. Now published by McKay in the United States, it will not be surprising if today's readers come to regard these books as classics in their field.

Original TitleFirst British EditionFirst US edition
By Persons Unknown1942-
Murder Unseen***1943-
No Alibi1943-
Yesterday's Murder1945-
Murder in the Family1945-
Murder Came Late19461969
Sentence of Death19501964
Death to my Killer19501966
Voyage with Murder1952-
Safari with Fear1953-
So Soon to Die19551957
Seeds of Murder19561958
Sight of Death19561958
My Brother's Killer19581959
Hide and Kill19591960
To Kill or to Die19601965
These Books are part of the Folly Series
Find the Body19461967
Run Away to Murder19471970
Close the Door on Murder19481972
Let's Kill Uncle Lionel19481973
The Gallows Are Waiting19491973
First a Murder*19471972

* This title was originally published in England as being by Michael Halliday, a pen-name never used in the USA.

*** Superintendent Folly to be written in the UK reprint and USA publication likely to be by McKay.

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