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The many halls and buildings of the h2g2 University - graphic by Community Artist Jimster.

What is the h2g2 University?

The h2g2 University isn't a real university. There are no lectures, no end-of-year exams and no loans. It's a place where h2g2 Researchers can write groups of entries for the Edited Guide on specific subjects.

The University is divided up into a number of faculties to help you focus on the area of research you're interested in. This way you'll be able to meet other Researchers who might know something about your particular area of research and can offer a little help, guidance or encouragement. You can also help other Researchers compile their projects, either by collaborating with them or by offering constructive feedback and criticism.

The Aim of the h2g2 University

The main aim of the University is to complete projects on topics that might be a bit too broad or deep for one entry. We class a project as consisting of five entries or more on a given subject. It certainly doesn't have to be an academic subject - we're seeking all kinds of knowledge and wisdom, so don't be put off by the 'University' title. All your project needs to do is match the guidelines for other Edited Guide Entries.

We need University Field Researchers to create top-quality and thorough entries for inclusion in the Edited Guide, which is vital if the Edited Guide is to continue to evolve and grow.

The relationship between h2g2 and our volunteers is definitely two-way: the site couldn't exist in its current form without you, and University Field Researchers are absolutely key to the creation of in-depth, quality content in the Guide. Before the University Field Researchers scheme was set up, both the old scheme of submitting to the queue, and the new system of Peer Review, prevented large, multiple-entry projects from getting into the Edited Guide. The University commits Researchers to only the bare minimum time in Peer Review, thus enabling them to go into the Edited Guide in one go.

As well as having the undoubted benefit of a team who are helping us to create the Guide, we also get to discuss the future of the University with you before it becomes reality. Often we've changed an idea because, after debate with the volunteers, we've realised that things would be better if done differently.

University Faculties and New Submissions

The h2g2 University consists of a number of faculties. You will need to submit your project to a specific faculty. This way, you can let other Researchers know about your new project, ask for help and outline your project's aims. This is also a good place to iron out any potential problems.

The University of Life currently includes the following Faculties:

How to Write a University Project

For more information on how to write and compile a project, visit our University Projects Information Page.

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