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This is a list of published academic research papers, books, newspaper articles and patent applications, each of which cites an h2g2 entry within either its text or its source references. They are summarised in the table below in order of A-number.

The detailed reference for each citation is shown on the h2g2 Citations Archive pages, which are arranged by year. You can access these by clicking on the "Details" link, or you can browse the archive using the links at the bottom of this page.

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h2g2 Citations

Guide EntryFirst-named AuthorPublicationTypeYear 
A2953 - PTFE - The Most Slippery Substance in the WorldBig AlInsect ScienceJournal2007details
A4519 - Bank RobberyOld writing teamThe ObserverNews2000details
A5220 - The Taj Mahal and the Controversy Surrounding Its OriginsPseudemys et alArt BulletinJournal2008details
A5220 - The Taj Mahal and the Controversy Surrounding Its OriginsPseudemys et alASIANetwork ExchangeJournal2009details
A5815 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyDNAPhilosophy and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyBook2012details
A53146 - Thanks for Registering with h2g2 - Welcome!The h2g2 EditorsThe BulletinNews2000details
A94336 - The Laetoli FootprintsSimulacron3Ancient DiggerNews2011details
A103140 - Hangover CuresMr Goldson et alThe News-SentinelNews2008details
A103140 - Hangover CuresMr Goldson et alThe Modern Maiden's HandbookBook2008details
A103177 - The Great British BreakfastMark Moxon et alThe TimesNews2003details
A113923 - The World's Best BeachesMark Moxon et alDaily MailNews2000details
A123823 - The World's Best Curry HousesJim Lynn et alContemporary business 2003Book2002details
A128143 - American SlangCheerful Dragon et alThe International Herald TribuneNews2004details
A128143 - American SlangCheerful Dragon et alPaying for ItBook2009details
A128152 - English SlangPeta et alFilmNavNews2007details
A134920 - The Liver and its DiseasesResearcher 35838 et alExpert Systems with ApplicationsJournal2010details
A139033 - Scottish DialectBruce et alThe IndependentNews2000details
A139501 - International Driving EtiquetteResearcher 5 et alSunday TimesNews2008details
A147818 - Punch and JudyJohn the gardener Sunday Mail (Queensland, Australia)News2005details
A152317 - DragonsJedi Slider et alFantasy FictionBook2008details
A157178 - MPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3) Technical GuideJules et alEncyclopedia of Information Ethics and SecurityBook2008details
A175385 - HalloweenZach GarlandThe GuardianNews2003details
A185104 - Jaffa CakesPootle et alJournal of Unlikely ScienceJournal2005details
A189470 - Samhain: The Witches' New Year [you call it Hallowe'en]bludragonHarry Potter - geretteter Retter im Kampf gegen dunkle Mächte?Book2003details
A194519 - Halloween (aka Samhain)CharonHarry Potter - geretteter Retter im Kampf gegen dunkle Mächte?Book2003details
A198614 - Dalriada - or The Highlands of ScotlandTaipanManaging Tourist Health and Safety in the New MillenniumBook2006details
A199109 - Why books get banned -or- 'Free People Read Freely'bludragonJohn Steinbeck: Shmoop BiographyBook2010details
A199451 - Traffic CirclesSetupWeaselThe UMAP JournalJournal2009details
A207415 - Extinction Level EventsWoodpigeon et alUS Department of Homeland SecurityJournal2008details
A207479 - History of the CeltsBran the ExplorerEnglish-Passport.comJournal2013details
A216433 - Predicting the FutureDNADigital futures: strategies for the information ageBook2002details
A218882 - Handy Latin PhrasesSi et alPolitiken (Denmark)News2002details
A240661 - Pareto Optimisation, Pareto Optimality and The Pareto ConjecturemetaAACE International TransactionsJournal2003details
A240814 - Bizarre Australian CompetitionsdoreiwolfThe Book of AffirmationsBook2010details
A240814 - Bizarre Australian CompetitionsdoreiwolfWinning Online: Ready, Click, Win!Book2010details
A241976 - Beat PoetryIrving WashingtonSunday TimesNews2003details
A251542 - From Merovingians to Carolingians - Dynastic Change in FrankiaBran the ExplorerComplete history of the worldBook2007details
A256466 - Doodle AnalysisEomandoThe Times Educational SupplementNews2008details
A256639 - The Relationship between Law and Morality [unedited]AquinasAustralian Journal of Basic and Applied SciencesJournal2012details
A258608 - DiscordianismReverend 'id'Sydney Morning HeraldNews2004details
A266249 - Christmas JokesCountSpraculaThe Solicitors' journalJournal2002details
A267527 - Title unknownunknownThe Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionNews2001details
A269372 - Handy Cantonese Chinese PhrasesMikonetDel.icio.us mashupsBook2007details
A269840 - Feral ChildrenWoodpigeonPSY 340 Brain and BehaviorBook2005details
A272558 - The Knights TemplarAdzThe Truth Behind the Da Vinci CodeBook2004details
A272558 - The Knights TemplarAdzDot&Calm.comJournal2012details
A273016 - The Beijing Mass Transit SystemBell JarContemporary business 2003Book2002details
A273566 - VampiresSmiley Ben et alThe new annotated DraculaBook2008details
A273566 - VampiresSmiley Ben et alThe Weiser Field Guide to CryptozoologyBook2010details
A273700 - St Patrick's DayWoodpigeon et alNational daysBook2009details
A275942 - Make Yourself a Scanning Tunnelling MicroscopeThe Cow et alAnalytical ChemistryJournal2003details
A281486 - h2g2 On the Move - The Visionh2g2EditorsVirtual reality in geographyBook2002details
A283105 - The History of Oysters in BritainPseudemysMarine Pollution BulletinJournal2008details
A287255 - SchadenfreudeschadenfreudeHamline Law ReviewJournal2006details
A287606 - Lanzarote and Scuba DivingGraham CLanzaroteBook2006details
A288966 - Nursery RhymesPeta et alPhilosophy and LiteratureJournal2013details
A291250 - ShorthandResearcher 103882AITIJournal2007details
A301816 - Run Lola Run - the filmCrescentSimileJournal2003details
A303346 - The Hanger Lane Gyratory SystemIanGSunday TimesNews2000details
A303346 - The Hanger Lane Gyratory SystemIanGThe RegisterNews2001details
A303346 - The Hanger Lane Gyratory SystemIanGThe RegisterNews2004details
A305399 - Super-cooling and a Brief History of TemperatureGazh101 Internet Activities: High SchoolBook2001details
A306758 - LongitudePaul PrefectNCUR ProceedingsJournal2011details
A330968 - KnivesJoolseeThe GuardianNews2006details
A337367 - Views on CreationNo O2Robert's Rules of InnovationBook2010details
A337592 - The Amazing Mobius StripCaptain JimPain PracticeJournal2009details
A369344 - McMurdo StationTim Smith-Antarctic Correspondant ExtraordinareSociety of Architectural HistoriansJournal2003details
A369344 - McMurdo StationTim Smith-Antarctic Correspondant ExtraordinareCultural GeographiesJournal2007details
A375446 - History of the CondomConThe Devil's Milk: A Social History of RubberBook2011details
A393879 - Queen Victoria's Children and the Royalty of EuropeDemon DrawerMittagong Conservation Areas StudyJournal2006details
A403147 - Unusual SportsSpirit et alTurkish ProbeNews2002details
A406973 - Karlheinz Brandenburg and The Secret History of MP3Peter HData compression: the complete referenceBook2007details
A406973 - Karlheinz Brandenburg and The Secret History of MP3Peter HJournal of Historical Research in MarketingJournal2010details
A412534 - How to Eat WeisswurstXRGonComputerwocheNews2003details
A412642 - Boolean AlgebraTorgenLearning JavaScriptBook2008details
A413687 - Artificial IntelligenceTweedle DeeVisual Population CodesBook2011details
A414109 - The OlmecsThe Frood Collins Concise English DictionaryBook2006details
A416530 - BankingThe Dancing TreeThe Truth Behind the Da Vinci CodeBook2004details
A416530 - BankingThe Dancing TreeDot&Calm.comJournal2012details
A418637 - StarsJ'au-æmne et alEl canonBook2008details
A418709 - Philosophy on the GuideLear (the Unready)Information TodayJournal2003details
A420823 - Mayan Calendar SystemJ'au-æmneNational Geographic GeopediaJournal2008details
A421291 - History of the TransformersCritterAfrican American EntrepreneurBook2009details
A422489 - British Town PlanningThe PoetThe GuardianNews2006details
A425800 - Do-It-Yourself Fairy Tale KitFragilisWriting a children's bookBook2004details
A427925 - Jester's Condescending English Dictionary - KThe JesterAir Force Space Command "High Frontier"Journal2008details
A429040 - The Saturn/Apollo StackDekeApollo Moon Missions: The Unsung HeroesBook2007details
A432127 - Folk Session EtiquetteFollenglotJournal of the Society for Musicology in IrelandJournal2006details
A442865 - Churchill Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador, CanadaAdministrator-GeneralA Climate Change Action Fund ProjectJournal2003details
A447266 - Band Aid and Live AidDr E VibensteinOn Your OwnBook2009details
A447266 - Band Aid and Live AidDr E VibensteinHumanitarianism and Modern CultureBook2010details
A447266 - Band Aid and Live AidDr E VibensteinIntersecting inequalitiesBook2010details
A452134 - Prevention and Cures for ColdsAshley et alHerald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)News2001details
A462188 - The Perfect Halloween PumpkinU255 et alThe MirrorNews2003details
A471214 - The RepublicCasanova the ShortMichigan State University Journal of Medicine and LawJournal2008details
A471241 - Che Guevara - RevolutionaryJim diGrizChe GuevaraBook2007details
A471467 - Ancient Greek Slavery and its Relationship to DemocracyAlmighty RobThe history of White peopleBook2010details
A471476 - Units of MeasurementCefpretTimes Educational SupplementNews2002details
A471548 - Surviving Being Eaten by a WhaleThe ApprenticeModern Ladino CultureBook2011details
A478127 - Home-made Christmas PresentsPeregrin et alThe Irish NewsNews2011details
A481682 - General 'Mad' Anthony WayneJimi XOglethorpe and colonial Georgia: a historyBook2006details
A481682 - General 'Mad' Anthony WayneJimi XThe Last Best Hope (Volume I)Book2007details
A482410 - The Paoli MassacreJimi XBanner of LibertyBook2005details
A482933 - EarthJ'au-æmneThe RegisterNews2012details
A492040 - Ventnor Piers, Isle of Wight, UKBluebottleCSI Food: The Weird and Wonderful World of the Public AnalystBook2010details
A493553 - Blu-TackThe ApprenticePatent GB 2395163 (A)Patent2004details
A493689 - Emperor Nero - Olympic ChampionOzzywizThe Olympic Games EffectBook2012details
A496352 - How to Speak BrummieMDSThe GuardianNews2010details
A500374 - Journalists and their CriticsThe Pink DandelionBroadcast journalism: a critical introductionBook2009details
A505784 - Salad Creammanolan et alWorld Journal of Dairy & Food SciencesJournal2010details
A506387 - How to Play the RecorderGnomonGeneral Music TodayJournal2006details
A506404 - Games to Play In a Queue at a Supermarket CheckoutBright Blue ShortsThe secret world of doing nothingBook2010details
A510922 - The Dystopian NovelEmily 'Twa Bui' UltramarineYA HotlineJournal2007details
A514621 - Billy Bragg - Singer/SongwriterPositive Feedback et alPoliticization of Popular Culture Under ThatcherismBook2003details
A516836 - TwinkiesAshleyLet Me Eat CakeBook2009details
A516908 - Kingsland Road, Dalston, Hackney, London, UKSamSpace and CultureJournal2013details
A517132 - The Carnivore, Nairobi, KenyaAshleyBerliner Morgenpost OnlineNews2012details
A517240 - Great April Fool's Jokes and TricksU255 et alCosmic LogNews2008details
A517655 - Carnival in GermanyTube et alSunday Herald Sun (Australia)News2006details
A517655 - Carnival in GermanyTube et alBerita Harian (Malaysia)News2007details
A521524 - Religious Ceremonies that Mark Rites of PassageSmiley Ben et alWE!News2002details
A521524 - Religious Ceremonies that Mark Rites of PassageSmiley Ben et alCreative Approaches to Teaching Primary REBook2010details
A523441 - Contact LensesLucinda et alHelmedicaJournal2009details
A523450 - The English Civil WarHappyDudeThe Modern AgeBook2011details
A523478 - Pogo Sticks ChrestomanciAfrican American EntrepreneurBook2009details
A531776 - PrionsSalamander the MugwumpMedical Anthropology QuarterlyJournal2012details
A533189 - Calculating the Volume and Surface Area of Various Solid ObjectsPeter aka KransThe Times Educational SupplementNews2006details
A533341 - The Literary Roots of King ArthurNexusSevenEnglish-Passport.comJournal2013details
A543737 - Man o' War - the RacehorseSpiletta42Saratoga StoriesBook2007details
A545195 - British Parliamentary Reform in the 19th CenturyGareth YoungEnglish-Passport.comJournal2013details
A550928 - LycanthropyBiscuit BuscemiRacism in the Modern WorldBook2011details
A552214 - The Overuse of Exclamation MarksDuffThe AustralianNews2011details
A563852 - The Cuban Missile CrisisYowzupman et alJihad and GenocideBook2011details
A573978 - The Word 'Y'all'unremarkableQuick and Dirty TipsJournal2007details
A575642 - NinjaMr ProphetThe Barnes Review, Volume 8Book2002details
A577992 - Mongolian FolktalesMethosIndian FolkloreJournal2006details
A578487 - Planting a GardenJohn the gardenerThe GuardianNews2010details
A580303 - WalesTaffy BoyA History of Sport in WalesBook2005details
A580303 - WalesTaffy BoyEnglish-Passport.comJournal2013details
A583337 - How to Hypnotise a ChickendoreiwolfTimes Educational Supplement (TES Magazine)News2005details
A583878 - Monoalphabetic CiphersCestusInternational Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced EngineeringJournal2012details
A583878 - Monoalphabetic CiphersCestusCovenant Journal of Informatics and Communication TechnologyJournal2013details
A585281 - Intelligence amplificationxyrothTechnology, Pedagogy and EducationJournal2003details
A590799 - How to Get a Good Night's SleepAmy et alTime OutNews2007details
A591284 - How to Roll a Perfect CigarettePrezThe GuardianNews2011details
A591284 - How to Roll a Perfect CigarettePrezAdweekNews2011details
A591284 - How to Roll a Perfect CigarettePrezWestern Morning NewsNews2011details
A591284 - How to Roll a Perfect CigarettePrezExpress & EchoNews2011details
A591545 - The History of RadarMonsignore Pizzafunghi BosseleseVolcano Deformation: Geodetic Monitoring TechniquesBook2007details
A591545 - The History of RadarMonsignore Pizzafunghi BosseleseGlobal ResearchJournal2010details
A591545 - The History of RadarMonsignore Pizzafunghi BosseleseAcademic Symposium of Undergraduate ScholarshipJournal2011details
A592003 - Corsets, Gracious Instruments of Torture - Health, Punishment and OppressionPhryneInternational Legal PerspectivesJournal2004details
A592643 - Puns and Other Word PlayU103438Asian Social ScienceJournal2011details
A592760 - Jackie Chan - Actor and StuntmanNotquiteallhereMedia DevelopmentJournal2010details
A593084 - Elizabeth Bathory - the Blood CountessMr ProphetBad girls and wicked womenBook2011details
A593084 - Elizabeth Bathory - the Blood CountessMr ProphetLegends, Monsters, Or Serial Murderers?Book2012details
A593345 - The Competitive Forces Business ModelDancing ErmineThe Vertical Boundaries of the FirmBook2012details
A594434 - Martina Navratilova - Tennis PlayerOrmondroyd et alThe sport starBook2005details
A594434 - Martina Navratilova - Tennis PlayerOrmondroyd et alApplied Economics LettersJournal2010details
A597152 - Centrifugal ForceSon of Roj BlakeAgents under fire: materialism and the rationality of scienceBook2004details
A600418 - The History of Modern MedicineFizzabertNursing StandardJournal2005details
A600418 - The History of Modern MedicineFizzabertUniversity of Detroit Mercy Law ReviewJournal2007details
A600418 - The History of Modern MedicineFizzabertStem Cell Wars: Inside Stories from the FrontlinesBook2007details
A602939 - Scotch WhiskyWhiskyHealth and Safety LaboratoryJournal2003details
A604270 - Farm Animals and their NamesBillBaileyThe GuardianNews2007details
A604270 - Farm Animals and their NamesBillBaileyTeacherJournal2013details
A610732 - The Great Erie Gauge War, Pennsylvania, USAJimi XThe Best of the Bargain: Lincoln in Western New YorkBook2010details
A613135 - Basic CryptanalysisCestusCodes & Ciphers: Making them and breaking themBook2006details
A616268 - Eskimo - the Wrong TermamukinakBalderdash & PiffleBook2007details
A619427 - American Medical Quackery from the 1700s to TodayLentillaCrime: Computer Viruses to Twin TowersBook2004details
A619788 - The Secret Art of AlchemyZaphod IIFreeze-frameBook2007details
A622487 - CCTV and Privacy in the UKSA MathiesonI.-R.A.S.C.: infra red light against surveillance cameraBook2007details
A622487 - CCTV and Privacy in the UKSA MathiesonDatenschutz und Datensicherheit - DuDJournal2009details
A626762 - Applying to UniversityAbi et alThe Times good university guide 2007Book2006details
A627662 - How May Day Became a Workers' HolidayNot Banned YetThe Times Educational SupplementNews2006details
A632099 - Jung's Model of the Psyche - Part OneZaphod IIExplorations in Human SpiritualityBook2010details
A632990 - Eponyms (unedited)MycroftCloth DiapersBook2008details
A634213 - Karen Silkwood - CampaignerNot Banned YetBook of listsBook2004details
A634213 - Karen Silkwood - CampaignerNot Banned YetAmerican DissidentsBook2011details
A637418 - Radiocarbon DatingMammuthus PrimigeniusTrust Management IIBook2008details
A637418 - Radiocarbon DatingMammuthus PrimigeniusPersonal and Ubiquitous ComputingJournal2010details
A637418 - Radiocarbon DatingMammuthus PrimigeniusLearning to Teach Science in the Secondary SchoolBook2010details
A637841 - McCarthyismOrmondroyd et alHistorical Sociolinguistics and Sociohistorical LinguisticsJournal2003details
A640018 - International Tipping EtiquettePeta et alThe ObserverNews2006details
A640018 - International Tipping EtiquettePeta et alBath Chronicle (UK)News2007details
A640018 - International Tipping EtiquettePeta et alHR management for the hospitality and tourism industriesBook2007details
A640018 - International Tipping EtiquettePeta et alJournal of Tourism and Cultural ChangeJournal2009details
A640108 - Internet AddictionBogie et alInternational Journal of Mental Health and AddictionJournal2007details
A640810 - Children as Animals - Origins of Anti-Cruelty LawsNot Banned YetTempest in the templeBook2009details
A640810 - Children as Animals - Origins of Anti-Cruelty LawsNot Banned YetThe Early Years Professional's Complete CompanionBook2009details
A642133 - The Hall EffectMunchkin et alTemple Journal of ScienceJournal2008details
A642151 - Beatrix Potter - Children's AuthorSwiv et alThe undergraduate's companion to children's writersBook2004details
A643358 - 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar WildeCaper PlipThe HistorianJournal2003details
A645095 - The Laws of Cartoon PhysicsSPINYDesigning virtual worldsBook2004details
A646724 - Bezique - The Card GameShazzEncyclopedia of Play in Today's SocietyBook2009details
A647949 - Afula, IsraelIorethPolitical Affect: Connecting the Social and the SomaticBook2006details
A647949 - Afula, IsraelIorethTurkey's modernizationBook2006details
A647949 - Afula, IsraelIorethGesnerus, Volume 65Book2008details
A653924 - Remembrance Day - Poppy DayResearcher 168963 et alThe GuardianNews2004details
A653924 - Remembrance Day - Poppy DayResearcher 168963 et alKunstforum international, Volume 185Book2007details
A654969 - The Allure of ConsumerismZaphod IIConference of The Consumer Citizenship NetworkJournal2005details
A657560 - RP - Received PronunciationDaddy Doodles (previously Spiff)Collins Italian DictionaryBook2005details
A657560 - RP - Received PronunciationDaddy Doodles (previously Spiff)Dialekt und Akzent als Problem der Untertitelung und SynchronisationBook2010details
A659874 - One Brain - Two Halves Witty DittyThe psychology of adult learning in AfricaBook2005details
A663004 - The UK's Ruddy Duck ProblemLL Waz et alAnimal Breeding, Welfare and SocietyBook2010details
A663068 - Samurai SocietyMr ProphetShogun JapanBook2002details
A663077 - The Way of the Warrior - Bushido and the Warrior ArtsMr Prophet Word WaysJournal2007details
A664058 - War and Protest - the US in Vietnam (1945 - 1964)Deidzoeb et alA Heritage of HypocrisyBook2005details
A664058 - War and Protest - the US in Vietnam (1945 - 1964)Deidzoeb et alWhere have all the flower children gone?Book2006details
A666128 - The History of Optical ScienceDr HellJournal of Modern OpticsJournal2014details
A671492 - The Wreck of the Whaleship EssexBlues SharkWomen and the lakes IIBook2005details
A671492 - The Wreck of the Whaleship EssexBlues SharkTerm Paper Resource Guide to Nineteenth-Century U.S. HistoryBook2008details
A671492 - The Wreck of the Whaleship EssexBlues SharkThe Sperm Whale: Help Save This Endangered Species!Book2008details
A673490 - The National Parks of England and WalesBluebottle et alEnglish-Passport.comJournal2013details
A673517 - Life and Times of the London Underground MapThe MoleTransportation Research Part AJournal2011details
A676361 - Joe Hill - Murderer or Martyr?Not Banned YetTrials of the CenturyBook2010details
A679016 - The Obscene Publications Act, 1857Mina et alNew York University Review of Law & Social ChangeJournal2006details
A679016 - The Obscene Publications Act, 1857Mina et alThe happy stripperBook2008details
A679016 - The Obscene Publications Act, 1857Mina et alJournal of International Commercial Law and TechnologyJournal2009details
A679016 - The Obscene Publications Act, 1857Mina et alAmeriQuestsJournal2011details
A681004 - Miyamoto Musashi and Tomoe Gozen - Samurai WarriorsMr ProphetWomen and warBook2006details
A681004 - Miyamoto Musashi and Tomoe Gozen - Samurai WarriorsMr ProphetGlossario ovvero dizionario di arti marzialiBook2010details
A681680 - The Mystery of Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam'TaliesinWritten Word: Exploring Faith Through Christian ArtBook2005details
A681680 - The Mystery of Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam'TaliesinHope: how triumphant leaders create the futureBook2006details
A681680 - The Mystery of Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam'TaliesinThe Pattern of LifeBook2011details
A682454 - Postmenopausal OsteoporosisBoredom BustersNursing StandardJournal2008details
A684272 - Claude Debussy - the ComposerJ'au-æmne Princess of Darkness et alCollegium AntropologicumJournal2011details
A685109 - Project Plowshare - 'Peaceful Nuclear Explosions'Monsignore Pizzafunghi BosseleseSocial Science Research NetworkJournal2010details
A687945 - Monty Python - a Brief HistoryDanny B et alThe Funny Side of the United KingdomBook2008details
A687954 - Graham Chapman - Writer and ActorDanny BThe queer encyclopedia of film & televisionBook2005details
A691887 - 24 Lies a Second (Vanilla Twice)AwixInternational Journal of Iberian StudiesJournal2002details
A692778 - The Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone SystemWitty DittyThe AFIB ReportJournal2003details
A692813 - The Sound of MucusLonnytunesSouth African Journal of SurgeryJournal2008details
A692840 - Astrid Lindgren - AuthorTitaniaSkemmanJournal2008details
A694604 - MadnessZaphod IIInnovAiTJournal2009details
A694631 - Baroque Vocal Ornamentation - The Elaborate Pearls of the VoiceAlmirenaGoshen College Symposium 2004Journal2004details
A695478 - Anglo-Saxon (Old English)GnomonOmnibus II: Church Fathers through the ReformationBook2005details
A696125 - 'Oranges and Lemons' - The Nursery RhymeBoredom BustersThe Times Educational SupplementNews2004details
A696125 - 'Oranges and Lemons' - The Nursery RhymeMinaJournal of Victorian CultureJournal2012details
A698033 - Burke and Hare, the BodysnatchersResearcher 168963An Introduction to the Work of a Medical ExaminerBook2010details
A700868 - Dealing with a Tomato Ketchup ShortageResearcher FordThe RegisterNews2013details
A700958 - IronyJust zis GuyLinguistica e filologiaJournal2004details
A701858 - The Tonypandy MassacreJust zis GuyThe Great Northern CoalfieldBook2005details
A706736 - Jose Bove - the Man Who Dismantled a McDonaldspurplejennyAir University, Strategic Studies QuarterlyJournal2007details
A707627 - Mods - 1960's Fun Lovin' CriminalsDogManStarSkills in Non-FictionBook2003details
A708257 - History of Chemistry - Acids and BasesDr. HellToday's Chemist at WorkJournal2003details
A710047 - Spike Milligan - ComedianLonnytunesNo such thing as societyBook2010details
A710227 - Hammer - the Birth of a StudioSmijThe Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey)News2002details
A710821 - David Hockney - ArtistEmilyThe queer encyclopedia of the visual artsBook2004details
A713891 - Charles Addams - CartoonistSmijJournal of Lesbian StudiesJournal2008details
A713909 - The Heysel Stadium Tragedy, 1985DogManStarOn persecution, identity & activismBook2006details
A713909 - The Heysel Stadium Tragedy, 1985DogManStarBad Sports: How Owners Are Ruining the Games We LoveBook2010details
A715024 - War and Protest - the US in Vietnam (1965 - 1967)Deidzoeb et alOut of chaosBook2006details
A715042 - War and Protest - the US in Vietnam (1969 - 1970)Deidzoeb et alNova Law ReviewJournal2007details
A715042 - War and Protest - the US in Vietnam (1969 - 1970)Deidzoeb et alMuscogee DaughterBook2010details
A715060 - War and Protest - the US in Vietnam (1972-1975)Deidzoeb et alAmerica Won the Vietnam War!Book2004details
A715060 - War and Protest - the US in Vietnam (1972-1975)Deidzoeb et alAztlán: A Journal of Chicano StudiesJournal2007details
A717527 - How to Get Into UK Medical SchoolWitty Ditty et alEssential Guide to Becoming a DoctorBook2010details
A717527 - How to Get Into UK Medical SchoolWitty Ditty et alA Career in MedicineBook2012details
A729849 - The Fastnet Rock, County Cork, IrelandAzaraBéaloideasBook2007details
A730801 - The Koh-i-noor DiamondBelsDunwich's Guide to Gemstone SorceryBook2003details
A730801 - The Koh-i-noor DiamondBelsUniversality of the Sikh religionBook2006details
A730801 - The Koh-i-noor DiamondBelsRutgers journal of law and religionJournal2008details
A730801 - The Koh-i-noor DiamondBelsCivil rights in wartimeBook2009details
A730900 - A Hijack on the High Seas - Part OneBelsTerrorism: essential primary sourcesBook2006details
A730900 - A Hijack on the High Seas - Part OneBelsEncyclopedia of Tourism and RecreationBook2008details
A730900 - A Hijack on the High Seas - Part OneBelsDie Zukunft der Deutschen MarineBook2009details
A730900 - A Hijack on the High Seas - Part OneBelsNaval Postgraduate School ThesisJournal2010details
A730900 - A Hijack on the High Seas - Part OneBelsCruising for TroubleBook2010details
A731701 - A Hijack on the High Seas - Part TwoBelsDie Zukunft der Deutschen MarineBook2009details
A731701 - A Hijack on the High Seas - Part TwoBelsCruising for TroubleBook2010details
A735734 - Benjamin Britten's War RequiemBelsAnchorage Daily NewsNews2004details
A737985 - The Theory of Evolution - Part IISteNew science discovery for lower secondaryBook2008details
A740495 - David Lloyd George - Liberal Prime Minister of the United KingdomDemon DrawerThe HistorianJournal2005details
A741089 - The Rise and Fall of Napsterenigma8976Georgetown Journal of Law & Public PolicyJournal2009details
A741089 - The Rise and Fall of Napsterenigma8976Intellectual Property and Technology ForumJournal2011details
A743807 - Continuous Wave RadarMonsignore Pizzafunghi BosseleseIntroduction to Radar System and Component TestsJournal2013details
A744860 - The Klingon LanguageSon of Roj Blake Cornish Studies FourteenBook2006details
A747047 - Why?Matt BerryCognition, Technology & WorkJournal2008details
A752429 - Fugu FishMinaSouth Texas Law ReviewJournal2008details
A753527 - The Origins and Common Usage of British Swear-wordsMina et alEnglish, but not quite. Locating linguistic diversityBook2010details
A757451 - Pele - Footballing LegendOrmondroydThe sport starBook2005details
A760240 - Younger Dryas - the Ice Age's Last Big BlastWoodpigeonScienceJournal2003details
A760420 - Cancer Alley, Louisiana, USAJane BanePollution: Treating Environmental ToxinsBook2009details
A762716 - The Marsh ArabsAshleyGeorgetown International Environmental Law ReviewJournal2007details
A765920 - Children's Party GamesJimi X et alThe ObserverNews2008details
A774704 - Four O'Clocks - Night Blooming BeautiesLochinvarWorld Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal2014details
A778034 - Affirmation and Prayer - a Common ProcessaGirlCalledBenRaise Your Energy for Mind Body WellnessBook2006details
A778043 - Liverpool's Slave TradersEmmilyHull Daily MailNews2005details
A778043 - Wedding AnniversariesEmmilyPeterborough Evening TelegraphNews2008details
A786413 - Oedipus - a Complex CharacterMegs et alForum for Modern Language StudiesJournal2008details
A787917 - An Explanation of l33t SpeakThridMidwestern folkloreBook2004details
A787917 - An Explanation of l33t SpeakThridNorth Bay Nugget (Ontario)News2006details
A787917 - An Explanation of l33t SpeakThridCampus technologyBook2006details
A787917 - An Explanation of l33t SpeakThrid"Don't bother me Mom, I'm learning!"Book2006details
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"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a wholly remarkable book. It has been compiled and recompiled many times and under many different editorships. It contains contributions from countless numbers of travellers and researchers."

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