"that favorite subject, myself"

Ioreth is a character in the Lord of the Rings. Io is the fifth moon out from Jupiter, distinguished by significant volcanic activity. I am - well - you'll see.

5' 2 3/4"
The answer is yes.
Extremely sarcastic.
Night person.
Canadian (on paper).
with occasional bursts of euphoria.
Single and on hormonal overdrive, like many an adolescent.
Allergic to cats and pollen.
Classic rock fan.
Insecure but dealing with it.
Baseball player, die-hard fan.
Suburban dweller.
Agnostic, Jew.
Pathetic. (meaning the opposite of apathetic...)
Socialist... maybe.
I hold with those who favor fire.

But I flatter myself.

Some good movies:
Monty Python
Shawshank Redemption
Hable Con Ella
Y tu mama tambien

Music I like:
the Beatles
Ani DiFranco
Counting Crows
Beri Sacharof

My dog's name:

My favorite Beatle:

Other important folk:
Ralph Nader - Bugs Bunny - JR "Bob" Dobbs - Eeyore - God? - Utah Phillips - Calvin - Bob Dylan - Bhoutros-Bhoutros Gali
(sp?), always thrillingly fun to say - Robert Frost - Holden Caulfield - Joseph Heller - Ender Wiggin - Jim Morrison - Adam
Eddington - George Herman "Babe" Ruth - Shel Silverstein - Jack Daniels - Buzz Lightyear - Robert Frost - Craig Kilberger
- George Harrison. Did I say Jack Daniels?

JK Rowlings - Poly O'Keefe - Amira Hass - Mary Harris "Mother" Jones - Rachel Carson - Emma Goldman - Naomi Chazan - Hanan Ashrawi -

What I wanna be when I "grow up":
Lord knows.

I like cold beverages. I like poetry, and I like the snow. I like Hemingway. I like Frost. I like Dostoyevsky. I like cummings. It's just got to make me dream a little.

Things I find frustrating:

Close-minded people
Israel's treatment of Palestinians, and
Terrorist attacks on Israel, and
Oppression anywhere

My biggest fear:
Not living life to the fullest extent that I can. Being boring.

What do I want: Good friends, good job, good sex, a lot of thinking and a lot of doing, a little bit of culture and a lot of
laughter, a couple more fluencies in good languages, something or other published, a lot of perfect afternoons, starry
nights, fresh mornings, a little bit of excitement, dew on the grass, a warm bed, family, travel, simple pleasures, kids, joys,
sadness, more joy, and good friends to be there. The sunlight on the trees in my forest.


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