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<P>This is my old home page. My new home page can be found <LINK H2G2="u33706">here</LINK>.</P>

<SUBHEADER>Yes, I am a female, and yes a high school student. Oh, and my nickname is ioreth - that's an 'i' - not loreth (an 'L'). So now you know.</SUBHEADER>

<P>I am a taking a hiatus, as time is rather dear right now, between work, school, and trying to get into university. But I will return, have no fear.</P>


<P>Ioreth is a character in The Return of the King, by JRR Tolkien. I am not.</P>

<P>I <B>am</B> a high school student outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - as well as <LINK H2G2="A282845">many other things</LINK>.</P>

<P>Over the course of this page I will attempt to present myself and other irrelevant information to you, though attempting not to follow exactly the common method. This may also be my goal in life. But before we get to all that -</P>

<HEADER>the argument corner</HEADER>

<P>Pull up a chair, have some orange juice (pulp free) and Oreos. (<I>That's what I always have during heated discussions.</I>) I'll argue with you about anything (<I>unless you're <LINK H2G2="U95721">Ormondroyd</LINK> or <LINK H2G2="U33262">John-the-Gardener</LINK>, in which case I'll agree with you about anything.</I>) Politics and religion are my specialties, but I'll tackle whatever you like. In the friendliest sense, <LINK HREF="">let's disagree!</LINK></P>

<SUBHEADER><LINK H2G2="RandomNormalEntry">Random</LINK> facts. (<I>you know you want them</I>)</SUBHEADER>


<LI><P>IO is the fifth moon out from Jupiter. It has at least ten highly violent volcanoes and more volcanic activity than Earth, and recieves a lot of sulfuric snow.</P></LI>

<LI><P>255 of the world's people have 50% of its wealth. Capitalism kills.</P></LI>

<LI><P>A baseball has 108 stitches.<P /></P></LI>

<LI><P>Globalization of the economy is at the point where <I>every six hours</I> a new McDonalds franchise opens somewhere in the world. Be very, very scared.</P></LI>

<LI><P>The Harry Potter series has been translated into both Hebrew and Bosnian.</P></LI>


<SUBHEADER><LINK H2G2="RandomRecommendedEntry">Random</LINK> Links.</SUBHEADER>

<LINK HREF="">Malkovich Malkovich? </LINK>*

<LINK HREF="">Live from a lobster cage in Maine. </LINK>*

<LINK HREF="">Bubble Wrap! </LINK>*

<LINK HREF="">Sell virtual lemonade - a rewarding task. </LINK>*

<LINK HREF="">Say it in Esperanto, or Malaysian, or Icelandic... </LINK>*

Troglodyte kidneys measure your eyes in sardonic spasms not unlike the movements of an albatross buried in creosote. </LINK>*

<LINK HREF="">Monkeys with typewriters. </LINK>*

<LINK HREF="">Bert is evil. </LINK>*

<LINK HREF="">Eat a donut. </LINK>

<LINK HREF="">Think "your momma" jokes aren't cool anymore? In fact they're back - it's retro, people.</LINK>

<LINK HREF="">America's Finest News Source. </LINK>*


<SUBHEADER>Momentary departure from <LINK H2G2="randomeditedentry">randomness</LINK> for the sake of saving the world...</SUBHEADER>


*<LINK HREF="">Feed the hungry. </LINK>


*<LINK HREF="">Amnesty International. </LINK>

*<LINK HREF="">The Independent Media Center. </LINK>

*and <LINK HREF="">Michael Moore</LINK>, who makes it funny.


<SUBHEADER>Great things of which I am a small part.</SUBHEADER>

<P>Angelic dispostion? Perhaps not. But I am an <LINK H2G2="A467606">H2G2 angel</LINK> and the Patron saint of happy accidents.</P>

<P>Viva Zaphoda! <LINK H2G2="A520769">Join the anti-moderation crusade</LINK> - be a Zapohdista like me.</P>

<P>Like intelligent conversation? It's a specialty of my fellow salonistas over at <LINK H2G2="A304354">Lil's Atelier</LINK>.</P>

<P>Ever wonder who it is that hacks your entries to bits? Sub-editors like me. :-) <LINK H2G2="SubEditors">Check us out</LINK>.</P>

<SUBHEADER><LINK H2G2="RandomEntry">Random</LINK> names your mom called out last night.</SUBHEADER>


<LI><P><LINK BIO="U109577">Twophlag Gargleblap.</LINK></P></LI>

<LI><P><LINK BIO="U95721">Ormondroyd.</LINK></P></LI>

<LI><P><LINK BIO="U44452">Looneytunes.</LINK></P></LI>

<LI><P><LINK BIO="U28338">Marv the Grate.</LINK></P></LI>

<LI><P><LINK BIO="U81931">Asteroid Lil.</LINK></P></LI>

<LI><P><LINK BIO="U112200">Zmrzlina.</LINK></P></LI>


<SUBHEADER>Contact me... yes, you know you want to...</SUBHEADER>

<P><LINK HREF="">LEAVE ME A MESSAGE.</LINK> Or, ICQ me: 35307360. AIM: iamtheANTIBOB. Or, drop me an email: [email protected]. I told you your mom jokes were still in style. <I>Soo... tempting... must contact... Ioreth... immediately... Can't, resist...</I></P>

<P>See this page <LINK HREF=""> in Malkovich</LINK>.</P>

<P>Now that you've seen all there is to see here, you can safely move on, realizing you have given this page valuable moments of your life that <LINK HREF="">you will never regain.</LINK></P>

<P>That's <LINK H2G2="C74">all</LINK> for <LINK H2G2="A304895">now</LINK>, folks!</P>

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