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How to Hypnotise a Chicken

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Man holding chicken in front of trippy, moving swirls in an attempt to hynotise it!

Chicken hypnotisation is an old Australian art. This isn't to say that it hasn't developed elsewhere; these techniques may even be useful on other birds. Interestingly, the method of chicken hypnotisation has also been mastered by American politician Al Gore.

The Process

There are two ways to hypnotise chickens; the 'mimic method' and the 'chalk line' method.

The Mimic Method

This mimics the action of the bird, sleeping with its head under its wing.

  1. Take one chicken.

  2. Tuck its head under its wing.

  3. Gently rock the chicken from side to side for a few seconds.

  4. Carefully, very carefully, set the chicken down.

The bird should now stay in that pose for some time.

The Chalk Line Method

  1. Take one chicken.

  2. Lay it down on a plain, dark surface with its head facing forward and the beak held down firmly.

  3. Take a piece of white chalk. (It's likely any colour that contrasts well with the surface the chicken is on will work.)

  4. Draw a line starting from the beak, directly away from the chicken, for about 30 centimetres.

Your chicken is now hypnotised.

The Re-awakening

Eventually, if you don't disturb it, the chicken will awake. It will usually let out a very surprised 'bwark' and look, for all the world, like it doesn't know how it got in that ridiculous position.

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