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A hearty hi to you, !!!

And now, before you run off to your kitchen, grab the aluminium foil and start making yourself one of these cute, little helmets -

Don't Panic

I'm neither a mind-reading alien nor a psychic mutant. I'm just Methos...
Okay, obviously that's not my real name but another one of those cool nicknames everyone - or nearly everyone - uses here... Remember the tv show "Highlander"? Remember that 5000 year old, sarcastic guy with that really big nose? That's Methos. And while I'm not nearly 5000 years old - actually I'm 4975 years younger - and have a rather small nose myself, we do share that sarcastic sense of humour and a very strong will to live.

In real life...

...I live in Berlin, Germany, where I've also been born and grown up. I'm still studying, although I should be finished since, well, at least one year. The evil of burocracy and my own personal demon also known as procrastination has prevented that I finished on time.

I study German literature and "Mongolistik". And no it has nothing to do with mongolism, nowadays known as Down's syndrome. It's about the Mongolian people, their language - which is bloody hard to learn -, their history, their culture... Since the term "Mongolistik" can't be found in the German dictionary, I guess, you can't really expect to find it in a German-English dictionary. But I was told the term Mongolian studies would probably come closest, so there you go...smiley - smiley
If you wonder how I ever got the stupid idea of studying something like that (standard question: "Oh, and what can you do with it?" - standard answer: "Lots of things!!!")- I study it because when I was a child I read a book called "Großer Tiger und Christian" written by Fritz Mühlenweg taking place in Mongolia, in the Gobi desert, and I was really fascinated by the mongolian culture he described. And then, when we got course guidance service in school and that woman talked and talked I looked at all the subjects you can study and found - Mongolistik. So I just decided to do it. And - as I may add - I've never regretted it!

Oh, and you may have already guessed that much with me taking the name of a tv character as my nickname and all... I'm kind of a tv junkie. Name a tv series and most probably I know it... At the moment I'm a little better. Really! I don't watch that much tv anymore. Okay, maybe the fact that I sit in front of my computer a lot has something to do with that... What do they say? You tend to replace one addiction with another? smiley - winkeye

I also love going to the movies, reading, Origami, dogs, Chinese and Indian food...and lots of other things. For a while I also learned Lakota, but for now I stopped because I have to learn Russian for my studies and that would be a little too many languages swirling around in my poor little head.

I dislike people who be sugary sweet to you, only to then turn around and start bitching about you. I dislike also dislike soap operas, socker, innards - you know as food -, people who want to persuade you of their way of life, their religion... And I just about hate war!

And now on to my life here at h2g2...

In an earlier life I was known as Lena but then I forgot my password and since I wanted to come back here, I created a new user accoung - this one. So, now here I am.

I am the president of the Republic of Just-Five-Minutes-More with a popularity of five... erh, beings.
It's listed at the The United Bedroom Confederacy which is all about getting your very own space and the rights of socks!

I'm also a member of the

Procrastinators Society

which can be found here

I'm also a member of the Freedom From Faith Foundation Freedom From Faith Foundation where all those of us who don't want to be converted to Christianity or Buddhism or anything else. You can be perfectly happy without believing in any kind of God, thank you very much. smiley - smiley

You can find me at one of the places mentioned above or at Ask the h2g2 Community
And especially if you're new here, you may also like to pay a visit to the h2g2 Picture Library where you can find all kind sof pictures to brighten up your personal space. Or to the GuideML Clinic to get help on how to write an entry using GuideML.
And last but not least - you have to go to the Smiley page. Because the smileys are kind of the secret language used here at h2g2.

Giving you all those links, I nearly forgot the one to my homepage. Yep, I got one now. And I am kinda proud of it. It's called Mongolian Tales and Scripts and - Well, you do find Mongolian tales there but still no scripts. I'm too lazy to put them up. I know, I know... and I'm already a member of the Procrastinator's Society.
I did put up pics of Origami modells to illustrate the tales, though. So there - it's not as if I do nothing, right.smiley - smiley

Okay, that's it and it's enough, I guess.smiley - winkeye But if you still want to know more about Mongolian history or how I happened to learn Lakota or want to test how many tv shows I really know or if you just wanna chat... please drop me a line!

And now - like the real Methos would say: Live, grow stronger and fight another day!

Methos - the much younger one


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