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SchrEck Enterprises, Inc. is a fake company that was founded in 1982 by Christian Schröder and Henning Eckebrecht (hence the name). Up to this date, SchrEck Inc. unfortunately failed to gain national and international significance and to generate any income for its owners.

SchrEck Inc.'s favourite subbings

Inspired by the Have You Missed? feature on the h2g2 front page, I've decided to list a few of the subbed1 entries that I liked best.

Have fun!

Publications so far on h2g2

In order not to get confused by subbed guide entries here's a short list2 of all published articles.

Borstel, Germany
The GOTO Statement (edited)
Aquavit (edited), but see also the original entry, as there were major changes during the editing process.
Turbo Pascal (edited)
COBOL - The Programming Language (edited)
Syke, Lower Saxony, Germany (edited)
The Schaffermahlzeit, Bremen, Germany (edited)
Amstrad CPC Home Computers (edited)
Elite Price List
'One, Two, Three' - the Film (edited)
The Hitler Diary Hoax and 'Schtonk' - the Film (edited)
The German Federal States (edited)

The following are collaborate entries stemming from the late This Week's Topic:

Handy Gardening Tips: see the section on watering the garden.
Tips for Saving Money: an unfortunately rather small part of the posting on End of Season Sales has been used in the respective section.
Ten Minute Meals: see the recipe for the fabulous northern Germany snack Strammer Max.
Essential Items to Take on Holiday: a very small part of the Shoes contribution has been used.
April Fool's Day: see the famous c't April Fool's joke.
How to Plan a Dinner Party: have a look at the Planning section.
Healthy Snacks: the recipe for a Potato Snack has been included.
Best Student Jobs: have a look at the 'Research' section.
Mnemonics and Other Learning Devices: if you ever wanted to recap the planets of the solar system, there's a German mnemonic for it.
Great International Breakfast Dishes: some really, really small comments on the German and French breakfast.
Planning a Surprise Party3: a few small anecdotes from surprise parties I once attended.

Project Subbing

The following projects, finished or in progress, get a little bit of help by SchrEck Subediting, Inc.

Skin Problems
Coping with the Office
Monty Python
Computers in Science Fiction
The Julio-Claudian Emperors
The World's Biggest Machines

And Now to Something Completely Different

120894: 1*2*(0+8+9+4) = 42

1These are other researcher's articles that got a bit of revision by SchrEck SubEditing, Inc. and are also shown at the bottom of this page along with SchrEck Inc.'s own entries.2In order of appearance.3Danny B. formed all the comments into a superb entry after This week's topic was discontinued.


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