I'm ismarah - weirdo who likes Dancing Tree1smiley - lovesmiley - handcuffs a lot.2
That's where this whole thing started, with Dancing Tree. So blame/thank him, if you want to... smiley - loveblush

Of course I like other stuff as well: music, books,3 photography, riding, smiley - cake, travelling, CISV and films.

OK- what else is there to say?
I am Icelandic, which is often smiley - brr, and am thus a member of The Nordic Researchers Club. Feel free to pop by, I'm sure my fellows will be welcoming! However, at the moment, I am living in the UK and will be here for a few good moments more. No, seriously!

I am a true researcher, unless I've b*ll*cksed up the relatively simple math behind this:

If need be, I can be contacted through another online service, also known as a yahoo4, where I have the same on-screen name. I'd appreciate it if anyone doing that used hootoo or h2g2 in the subject line somewhere to distinguish from any spam or other meat-related items I might receive there smiley - ta.

I am proud to be Keeper of Volcanoes. This is a great honor smiley - ta and I'm off to protect the volcanoes with some smiley - bubbly, courtesy of ArchangelGalaxyBabe ACE. I do think the title is very fitting, as I have a rather quick temper usually, and in Iceland there are many and active volcanoes. Good fit all around, really...

I am also a firm believer in the Thingite cause, not so much for Thing itself, or the spork, but mostly for Sodit, which has to be a much more appropriate name for the thing previously called Monday. I am the proclaimed and be-sporked Official Thingy Translator.

I'd also suggest to anyone feeling lost or ignored (yes, this happens to me sometimessmiley - cry ) to head over to the Ask h2g2 Community forum and pitch in with abandon! And to stay smiley - cool

Last, but not least, I used to be a Sub-editor here on hootoo. If I subbed something you wrote and you need to have it amended or updated, you can either tell me or the smiley - zen h2g2 Editors5, over at the Feedback Forum.

PUDDING to you all - such exquisite freedom!6

Obligatory geekiness:

Version 1.1
RS(RGB) Y++ N++ SA+ A+ P-- L++ M s V++ E+ PR++ p a B++(-) TV? r-? D T>++ nh C+ m- t
-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

1Although to be fair, I am not only weird because I like him. And me liking him is not all that makes me weird. Obviously I'm quite proud of my weirdness.2So much so, we got married in Iceland on August 6, 2005.3Books are not to be confused with literature, although sometimes the two match.4.com5I think I'll add in one of these for good measure: smiley - grovel6There's a christmas pudding smiley, but no regular pudding smiley. Maybe I'll start a campaignsmiley - huh


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