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Après ski1 is the best way to finish a perfect day's skiing or snowboarding.

Most holidaymakers go on skiing holidays for one week. If they want to have some energy left for the next day's skiing, they shouldn't go to bed too late. This is where après ski lodges come in! After finishing their last run, skiers and snowboarders go there and stay till dinner. They won't go to bed too late and will be fresh the next morning for some great new runs. (There are also some nightclubs that are open all night, but that is not the true après ski experience.)

Where To Go

Normally, après ski lodges are situated just at the end of the slopes, down in the valley. They are usually small shacks or huts, decorated with mountain accessories.

If you want the real après ski, Austria is the place to go. The best places are the Mooserwirt in St Anton and the Kuhstall in Wagrain (Sportsworld Amadée, near Salzburg).

The Music

Most of the lodges play special party music. It's the same sort of stuff that is played in the discos on Mallorca. Most of the lyrics are about alcohol, partying and sex (surprise, surprise).

Here's What You Do

  1. Put your skis somewhere you can find them easily later, even if it's dark by then.

  2. Get some money. (You will have to pay for the taxi home, later on.)

  3. Go in and find a free space at the bar. Don't sit down, as that will not be so much fun!

  4. Get a drink.

  5. If you're alone, look around for some fun-looking people and join them.

  6. Get a drink.

  7. Then get a drink for - or from - the nice man or woman next to you.

  8. Sing along. Even if the lyrics are in German, it won't be a problem - honestly!

  9. Start a polonaise or conga, with some people just walking through the place. Simply place your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you. You won't have any problem finding people to join in. Be the first in the chain, as that makes it easier to pick the cutest men or women out of the crowd.

  10. Start some drinking games with the people you found earlier.

  11. If you're male, don't forget that you have to pay for the drinks! (Lucky for you, girls!)

  12. Get phone numbers.

  13. Carry on partying.

  14. If the lodge closes, or your dinner is calling, get a taxi to take you home. It's always a good idea to have your address already written down somewhere, so that the driver still can get you back safely...

  15. Better still, get yourself invited to somebody else's place!

1Après means 'after', and 'Ski' doesn't need explaining, does it?

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