Phryne! The new, improved, Schloctopus-AdHoctopus

The future ain't what it used to be.

I got bored of being panathema, it was too much effort, but it is still a good word. Use it in conversation today, won't you?

Synaesthetic, symmetrical, off-balance, quite settled, occasionally, rambunctious, peering tim'rous beastlette. Polymultiamorous (successfully, practically, functionally, 50/50-ally... so far.) Stomping about raising dust all over the Midshires with my Network of Spies (to which you may apply), no longer with discount railcard so limited to Warks. -but I still have my drinking horn! a shiny new camera, 3 or so websites, and a mountain of cloth. I just came back from holiday which I enjoyed very much. I like history and old things, and study some of them, but for fun not work. And in light of them I am often glad to be living in this particular present. Although some old things I would like to still have around, hence 'Phryne'.

Quote of the Quarter

My previous absinthe quote although good is now out of date, so I will settle for 'Pull up a pew, Barney McGrew' which you can take as an invitation.

How am *I* weird, then? (since that's why you're here.)

Do not frame.

I am a general designer of things, mostly paper- or cloth-based. I did my illustration degree but am now Officially Self-Employed mekkin' stuff. You may check me out on eBay or if you are not down with that nonsense I have real sites instead. I won't compel you to purchase, just look at the pretty pictures. (*Who* just learned CSS?!). Currently, old ladies like me a lot because of how I dress.
I like to idly think about things, and read about things, tho' I don't reckon to really know about stuff but all that I have ever done has mostly been self-taught so makeofthatwotyouwill. I do think you can learn a good deal second-hand and you are going to have to since there are never enough heads for you to do everything you would like. You either are a Titled Man, and folk slate you for being too clever for your own socks... or you have none and are accused of not knowing enough to have the right to go on about something. I sort of wish I were pre-voting age again, and did not have to come up with a political label by which others could diss. I do not wear the damp jumper of fluffy liberalism; those who do are daft sods and sodden to boot, so please leave all comments to that effect in the ditch provided. It only wastes valuable ranting time. I much prefer to tell jokes about all persuasions, since if you can't make all the people laugh you can at least laugh *at* them. Come to that, I would much rather have a meritocracy and we ain't going to get one, so what is the use. Mind you, I am only 22 as yet (ah, it was not *that* long since I was last here...) and have plenty more years for embitterment. (Or melting- it seems to go both ways.) Unless I die, o'course, (which I reckon would either be from undiscovered disease, Tragic but Blackly Comic Incident, or by train) and if that happens you will be the first to know.
Mard out!
Current anathema: ...hmm... people without a real argument who are making an awful lot of noise. Maybe.

On with the motley!

However, 'tis not all prophecies of doom. Recipes for snazzaster: dress up; feel cloth; make things up for fun and profit; invite misunderstanding; gently disturb; draw; write; make a mess; sew things- at last! the NEW website is up; shout; sing; keep different hours Owls Unite!; pretend. Wear a petticoat or something.

Worse things happen at sea. *I* want to know about them.

I have moreandmore emails; any will do. Select respectively: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Whilst you're here, seek out...

Queex Quimwrangler a fine fellow who sometimes buys me things. He's not my wife but I am sleeping with him. Mina, who is now Linda sort-of and kindly did some major sub(edit)ing for me... which was kind, and all the good since the article is spiffing too- actually I think she is still Mina now and no longer italicised. Walker who invites disaster and is now a Manager. He's still bagging his Munroes tho, and I don't know why I even link to the fellow 'cos he's not here. There are reams of charming, intelligent souls on here whom I think highly of, however is it really any worth listing them? If I like them I will let them know. Also PUDDING, for alternatives to forced cheeriness, and several other things which I cannot think of but are doubtless nice. And afterwards, relax with the Disturbing Film Geek Quiz because I just did and I bet you can't beat me. 8-) Tho, in truth, KerrAvon won on a technicality with a million points.

Suggested Medley

I won't tell you what music to have since I like far too many bands now (2 new this week!) and it would just get tiresome. But I bet you have not heard of most of them and the rest you don't like, and the others talk in foreign.

However, there's always the Dog Song, by me.

That way, you'll have a better chance of becoming me for the day. If that does not work we suggest curling up at night with some Philip K. Dick, especially his short collected tales, for some first-class dreams. (Tho' I liked him before he was cool.) Who else is good...? oh, Jeff VanderMeer. He'll do.

Currently hot:

Boots (footgoods, not shop). Joys of Spring, seasonal. Old things. Funny words. Good television! in quantities not seen since 'Trap Door' (I am nostalging already. Curse you, kitsch retrochic). Good films too, lately. Enjoying Ebay due to cheap silk and old hats and folk giving me money; or cheap hats and old silk. I stopped buying obi and kimono for the moment, after the coat hanger I was keeping all 16 of them on broke. Last expenditures were MST3K DVDs.

And here's a list of Funny Words.

Spoon, gospel, fadge, gnarly, a-tisket-a-tasket, frill, louse, guinea pig, crumpet, jitty, marl, smocking, sprockett, quench, bibliotheque, quince, spiffing, toss-pot, Stibbons, snoob, primp, mardy.

Self-employed japes n' shenanigans

I have 2 websites for selling things. Mostly clothes for ladies. Odd ladies, with unusual tastes. One is called GreenBee and is more traditional multi-sub-cultural evening/day and poshwear. The other is called StockingShock and caters exclusively to the very particular and increasingly popular Gothic Lolita style. Please do your best not to misunderstand it, there are no Humberts involved. We are very modest young ladies. Addresses to follow.

Other things I am currently involved in: writing 2nd book, and editing 1st one- if you would like to be a character you're welcome. pretending to be character from book; thinking about this and that; watching all of Queex's friend's anime; dividing time and attention between various people; diverting attention away from said people and ensuring other folk do not interfere. I stopped crocheting the vast thing after I got some angora yarn, but I don't yet know what to do with it.


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