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This page contains the archive for the poetry
written by Various Contributors which has appeared in The Post.

31.01.00 The h2g2 Sewer-spotters 'If'Bluebottle
15.01.01 Satan's DilemmaPastey
22.03.01 Nice Christmas - Competition WinnerThe Pink Dandelion
19.04.01 If I Fellwide inside
03.05.01 Regretsni^bor
04.10.01 'A Poem and Some Thoughts'E.LuxZen
13.12.01 'Carbohydrates Cure the Blues'a broad called Ben
03.01.02 'The Hall of Statues' and
'The Drummer, The Rhythm or The Drum?'
a broad called Ben
10.01.02 'Raising Ghosts' and
'The Space Between the Stars'
a broad called Ben
17.01.02 'Now and Then'a broad called Ben
07.02.02 'Im Abendrot - In the Red of Evening'Gnomon
21.02.02 'Where Chickens Come From'Josh the Humble Genius
28.02.02 'Treading the Earth Lightly'a broad called Ben
07.03.02 'The Pantoum of the Palimpsest'a broad called Ben
27.06.02 'If'Timelord
04.07.02 'Ode to 24'Awix
22.08.02 'Too much... In every way'a broad called Ben
18.07.02 'In the Shadow of A Young Poet'Kate Schechter
08.08.02 'The Rime of the Ancient Moxon'Hoovooloo
14.11.02 'Give It Back'Marv the Grate
28.11.02 'Simple Gifts'Gnomon
05.12.00 'Christmas Demands'Bluebottle
10.04.03 'Tommy'The Dandy Highwayman
24.04.03 'If... you can maintain your car'Nonentity
08.05.03 'Beyond'Jules
26.02.03 'Why?'Kiltedjedi
07.08.03 'Poem for Kirsty Brown'Hotblack Desiato
14.08.03 'Winter'Wulfric
11.09.03 Bellni^bor
25.09.03 Written when the author released a treatise upon the maxims of life into the bend named 'U'Caper Plip
09.10.03 A Philosophical Poem for Poetry DayZ Phantom
23.10.03 Of A Supervising Adultsinistercoincidence
06.11.03 The BonfireGeorge Myatt
06.11.03 The End of Civilisation: Part 4speff
13.11.03 The Ultimate FearVerc (of ingetorix fame)
20.11.03 The Real TeachersFerret-man
27.11.03 Where All Roads LeadRed Kite
04.12.03 Yearsinistercoincidence
08.01.04 Classroom F7speff
08.01.04 This WorldStealth Kam
29.01.04 A SongStealth Kam
12.02.04 St. Valentine's DayAgapanthus
19.02.04 (Not an) Ode to a Sickly CatVerc
26.02.04 I WaitTheShadowStabber
01.07.04 To Dr AntheaPsycorp603
08.07.04 A moving poem byWoodpigeon
30.09.04 Let us do with it what we canSeveral a.k.a. Random
21.10.04 Angersmall fury creature from alpha centuri
28.10.04 Closuresprout
18.11.04 Four by Foursprout
06.01.05 The Day The Earth Rang Like a BellGalaxy Babe
20.01.05 SummerDeveloping
10.02.05 Doubting Petersitting on the stair
17.02.05 Returning Latesitting on the stair
03.03.05 The Quest for the Holy SnailJoe C
03.03.05 Angel DarkPsycorp603
10.03.05 A poem for Daily Mail readerssprout
17.03.05 A Poem about Peer ReviewAlexAshman
14.04.05 Lauren and Donna and Frances and Chloesitting on the stair
28.04.05 A Very Civil Servantsprout
26.05.05 Afternoon Bluesmightyspooky
09.06.05 No FearMizzpinky
21.07.05 London PrideMadam_Cone
18.08.05 Miss YouCyzaki
15.09.05 HateWriter_babe_42
29.09.05 The Echos of TimeTerran
13.10.05 The Goners~jwf~
13.10.05 The Friendship Gardensummerbayexile
10.11.05 First CarPinniped
10.11.05 Bloody Mosquitomidnightreddragon
22.12.05 Rhymes For The 21st CenturyRecumbentman
12.01.06 A Winter's TaleMatholwch
09.02.06 Footsteps in the SandFish's Freak
23.02.06 This is Just to SayLucky Llareggub
23.02.06 Endingni^bor
15.06.06 Ode to DadMizzpinky
29.06.06 The Writer's JourneyAFGNCAAP
13.07.06 I'll Have A Coffee, Two Sugars PleaseVicki Virago
13.07.06 It's Not My FaultAFGNCAAP
27.07.06 InsightsKangalew
27.07.06 Till Death Us Do PartVicki Virago
07.09.06 Special PleasuresScorpio_witch
21.09.06 Mirrorriverrunning
21.09.06 The Wee ManScorpio_witch
05.10.06 For the Journeyianhimself
19.10.06 Three Sonnetsianhimself
08.02.07 Night's SentinelsClip_per
08.02.07 White Horsesrose-quartz
22.02.07 The White Swanrose-quartz
22.02.07 My Father's Children's ChildrenClip_per
08.03.07 Untitledjjcard
08.03.07 HarryScorpio_witch
17.05.07 UntitledMoonhogg
26.07.07 Brenkorculablue
04.10.07 Whenevermatodemi
01.11.07 Me!scorpio_witch
01.11.07 You Closed Your Eyesvan_smeiter
08.12.07 A Hip-Hop Nursery RhymeTumsup
20.12.07 The 21st Century Letter to SantaBeatrice
20.12.07 A Christmas TaleBob Stafford
20.12.07 Santa PoemOlivia Ashmore
17.01.08 Winter StormMs OB
17.01.08 For Anyone Who�s Sad...Moonhogg
31.01.08 Hiding in the DarkXarin Sliron
31.01.08 The HorizonMs Ob
31.01.08 Hip-Hop Spider Rhyme: Part 2Tumsup
14.02.08 NowMs Ob
28.02.08 Ballade of OscarAwix
28.02.08 My ShirtMs Ob
13.03.08 The Hootoo Withdrawal SongMalabarista
10.04.08 Death We ConqueredMs Ob
08.05.08 A Vowely BalladRobyn Hoode
08.05.08 AwardBeatrice
08.05.08 KidsBeatrice
08.05.08 NumbskullBeatrice
08.05.08 Oh My!Beatrice
08.05.08 SchoolgirlBeatrice
22.05.08 Missing YouST MkII
19.06.08 The PhoenixGalaxy Babe
03.07.08 A poem for lilVarious Contributors
17.07.08 HolidayT.B. Falsename
31.07.08 The CatCheeky Monkey
31.07.08 AbsenceSahara
31.07.08 Deep Down In The BublaluTB Falsename
11.09.08 The Underguide is FiveSahara
25.09.08 Fens - A Decade + Onesadi-random-pollizotti
09.10.08 Grammar, Punctuation and SpellingJhawkesby
23.10.08 Hallowe'enGalaxy Babe
20.11.08 Shhh, Don't Say A WordT.B. Falsename
20.11.08 You're BeautifulGaligan
04.12.08 Happy Birthday to The Postminichessemouse
04.12.08 Happy Birthday PoemJhawkesby
04.12.08 The Young ArtistStill_WRD
04.12.08 NightmareEvadne Cake
04.12.08 The Year In BriefTB Falsename
04.12.08 A Soldier's LoveLen (Snowie) Baines
08.01.09 Happy New Year, HootooMazin' MadFiddler
08.01.09 Happy New YearThe Thinker
08.01.09 Too LateStill_WRD
22.01.09 MoragThe Thinker
05.02.09 The Riddle Rhyme No. 1The Thinker
19.02.09 A Strange RequestVarious Contributors
19.02.09 BluntedStarrysongthrush
19.02.09 Oy, Roy!The Thinker
05.03.09 Another Rhyming Thingy!The Thinker
19.03.09 SecondSahara
30.04.09 A What? A Moritat?B'Elana and dmitrigheorgheni and 2legs
30.04.09 Smile: A Poem Inspired by pheloxiVicki Virago
30.04.09 Birth of a RiverTibley Bobley
28.05.09 A Wint'ry Tale Of MiseryMalabarista
09.07.09 Wimbledon WoesGalaxy Babe
26.10.09 The Legend of Fatty-Fat McGeeTerran
02.11.09 The Hex-FactorBeatrice
02.11.09 A Mummy's LifeKing Bomba
23.11.09 My Remembrance daybenmayla
11.01.10 Poem for the HeroesJimCracker
25.01.10 Pictures and WordsSantragenius V
12.04.10 MPBsinnerman pfank
03.05.10 The Annual Innuendo Showrowlybirkin
05.07.10 A Year of DisorderStill_WRD
13.09.10 DecadeGnomon and Bel and Recumbentman
20.09.10 Dark EnergyKeith Miller
15.11.10 StarocracyMalabarista
10.01.11 If I ShouldSycloboy
21.02.11 Ode to the CommunityHaragai
31.05.11 Homing Pigeon Deviates from Its Flight Pathfrannie
05.09.11 Signifying Everythingfrannie
26.09.11 Too Long?sprout
14.11.11 Next to One Whose Name Was Writ in WaterKeith Miller
21.11.11 The AWW Poets' Olympic Haiku Challenge: First MedallistsMinorvogonpoet, Tim Stevenson and sprout
28.11.11 The AWW Poets' Olympic Haiku Challenge II: More MedallistsMinorvogonpoet, Vestboy, Rod and Dmitri Gheorgheni
19.12.11 An Xmas Message to the Worlds' PoliticiansBMT (ST) – The Pussycat of HooToo
19.12.11 A Gift for My Father, 2011Dmitri Gheorgheni
16.01.12 SilenceTitania and B4
12.03.12 The Son RisingSolnushka
19.03.12 Ode to Imodiumsprout
02.04.12 each otherAlwaysLunchtimeSomewhere
30.04.12 Restaurant in the ParkAlwaysLunchtimeSomewhere
28.05.12 A Mod PoemBMT – the Pussycat of Hootoo
11.06.12 ODE to TEDEffers
16.07.12 Intergalactic JourneysRamya Krishna Mulugu
16.07.12 A Programmer's PrayerMilla and Happy Nerd
23.07.12 A Stormy NightRamya Krishna Mulugu
23.07.12 Diversity MeansRamya Krishna Mulugu
30.07.12 65 – A Birthday PoemShagbark
31.12.12 A Dream About Longing and FriendshipSantragenius V
18.02.13 I Dreamt That I Was Cryingclzoomer
01.07.13 Coffee Doesn't Ask Questions – Coffee UnderstandsPierce the Pirate
03.03.14 Geraldine the Donkeyscorpio_witch
29.12.14 Dozy PoetryWillem

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