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Way to the mountain top

The road to the mountaintop is hard and long

The path winds slow through the landscape

A continuous changing view extends around you

So beautiful and unaffected, but sometimes....

You've lost the magic everything goes wrong

You look up to the sky and sigh, why did you start?

It's impossible enjoying the sounds surrounding you

The twittering of birds, a fluttering butterfly

You can't see the beauty of a snowflake

Let alone the vision of a winter wonderland

Or the sight of a spring pasture with new-born lambs

Your luck and self-confidence, your love and future, it's gone!?

Only that doesn't mean the world has gone

Close your eyes for your grief, feel it and understand it

And don't stand still at that place of sorrow

Keep the memory in your soul and go...

On your path to that inaccessible destination of life!

Don't forget to reopen your eyes for all the miraculous appearances of this Earth

Because, all that there is to see is so worth beholding!

Fire and the Inability to Disappear

Sometimes the world crunches and crashes it seems... like on the 11th September, 2001. What should have been just a day like so many others became A Day to Remember! Now, for the rest of those human creatures living in the so-called Western Hemisphere and the most western part of the eastern Hemisphere this day will probably be remembered as the day of the big Fire, whereafter War broke out. How come, we should ask ourselves, is it possible that an action by a small group of men can create such a Rememberance thing?! Because many people died... but then why did those people have to die? We'll need to find the answer to this question to prevent such nobleless actions of hating people again. Instead of firing back and perhaps killing people who don't have any part in this play, we should ask the aggressors why!? Why did they do this? And how do they reasonably think we can cohabitate on this strange green-blue planet without creating those big fires and killing each other. Because most human beings have an inability to disappear at the preferred moment. And also our ability to fly, when we need it, is underdeveloped... as proven on television. A shame I think! We'll need to teach people how to throw themselves to the ground and miss it! Only then will violence be useless. Until that teaching has been accomplished, we should try to find the reasons why!


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