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  • 20.09.01

    A huge issue, so forgive me if I don't mention everything!

    There are more articles from researchers who have now heard from friends or loved ones

    caught up in recent events. Two other items hope to bring you some peace.

    The Wowbagger cartoon, which had to be removed due to copyright issues, re-appears in an amended version.

    All your favourites are in this issue, including a new series from Spook. Allow yourself plenty of time for this edition!

  • 27.09.01

    No edition this week, but a rather bizarre thread hanging off the Front Page announcement of the fact!

  • 04.10.01

    Oooh! We hear about two recent h2g2 Meets which took place... one at Alton Towers and the other in Australia.

    Learn more about magic from DoctorMO and about the magic of h2g2 in the h2g2 Life cartoon.

    Two poetic pieces grace our pages, but one is Vogon poetry so be warned!

    More contributors join the fray with items from Pinniped, Bagpuss, Witty Ditty and Lodestone appearing alongside the regulars.

    What a talented bunch you all are!

  • 11.10.01

    Moonglum introduces a new-look Classified Ads section, well worth a visit.

    Wowbagger outdoes himself with a 'new name' and celebrates his birthday whilst doing so!

    Paper Clips have never been so interesting, or the engine which makes them hasn't anyway.

    DMS wraps up his review of the Reading Festival, Lodestone examines earth and Vidmaster Heroism.

    Redemption the Last begins the end, Awix gets into 'Original Sin' and Spook into his space adventure.

    No Ormy or Frankie this week... they will return very soon.

    A smaller edition than last week, but still perfectly formed.

  • 18.10.01

    As biological weapons hit the headlines Witty Ditty looks at the consequences.

    Wowbagger waxes lyrical and ventures into alabaster whilst spimcoot goes bovine

    The Post catches story-fever with an introduction to h2g2 Storytime, Spook with more

    ghostly tales aka with Hauntings and Pinniped with 'Mr Men'.

    There are plenty of Film/DVD reviews from Awix, Sporky and Spook and look at the Blue Planet CD.

    DJ Daddypants tells us how to form a Nu Metal Band and Hullabaloo thrills with more Vogon Poetry.

    Ormy is back and in great form, Frankie interviews Dragonfly, Greebo poses another Big One and MaW has writers block.

  • 25.10.01

    Wowbagger stays home with baby and spimcoot looks at a job interview.

    Ormy tackles war, peace and religion and Pinniped goes to Church School.

    We have items on alternative history, Columbus Day and travel to the St Lawrence River.

    Pastey tries to avoid two wheeels and also examines Explorer 6.

    The film review from Awix is 'Enigma' and the Vogon poetry is... short!

    MaW continues to muse, the Prof to answer questions and Frankie interviews Yossarian Prefect.

  • 01.11.01

    Wowbagger goes to a Meet and spimcoot throws custard tarts.

    Mina visits two sex museums and Reinhard Italy... eventually.

    We have a lunch break and propoganda, give cats a pill and read an ode to a Salamander.

    Awix gives a pair of film reviews for Halloween and Frankie interviews Mina.

    Greebo introduces a new challenge and Bluebottle his 3rd Bikini competition.

    Poor MaW has a bad day, but Ormy a good one.

  • 08.11.01

    Wowbagger sprouts wings and spimcoot continues his clown theme.

    There are three reports on the Dutch Meet, and a few pictures are made available.

    Plagiarism is a problem - especially on h2g2. Find out what John-the-gardener thinks.

    Awix 'butles' with the elements and Frankie interviews 'The Willem Love Collective'.

    Greebo starts the Post Masterbrain competition and shazz the Post Emoticon one.

    Bagpuss continues his Canadian adventure but Linus stays at home.

    Plenty more to keep you reading as nearly all your favourite writers are represented.

  • 15.11.01

    Confusion as shazz is ill and Pastey makes a sterling effort to assemble the edition.

    Swiv delivers a double-wammy as she discusses the book and the film of Harry Potter.

    Awix, meanwhile, karate-chops his way through his film review.

    Frankie gets to grips with Witty Ditty and MaW with talks, computers, coursework and interviews.

    Spook returns with a bumper edition, Ormy is on top form, as ever, and Lodestone continues his 'Islands in the Sun' series.

    Something strange occurred with 'h2g2 Life' and 'Paper Cuts'! Did you notice?

  • 22.11.01

    Ormy gets to grips with First Ladies and Galaxy Babe holds a mini meet.

    Both Awix and MaW jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon, whilst Pinniped introduces his 'End of The Pier Review'.

    Greebo continues to tax our brains, Wowbagger makes excuses and spimcoot has a ripping time.

    The Prof returns, Spook poses a mystery and Frankie catches up with MaW.

    More storytime, more vogon poetry, more competitions! More of everything, infact!

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